Only Toker Pham Minh Tam

Pham Minh Tam

Living place: Bac Ninh

Birthday: 6-5-2001 (21 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2001: 78,62 millions

Global rank: #55707


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Only Toker Pham Minh Tam profile

Who is Only Toker Pham Minh Tam?
Pham Minh Tam was born in 2001, currently living in Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province. Currently, Minh Tam is still a student, so he has to balance between his studies and his Tiktoker job. He always wants to gain more knowledge so that he can develop and serve his work in the future.
Captured by the strong development of tiktok, Pham Minh Tam did not hesitate to try his hand at the field. this. Up to now, he has been involved in content creation on this platform for 2 years. From simple clips, gradually Minh Tam received the support of a large number of followers and developed this path more. With his influence, he gradually received jobs such as advertising products or modeling photos. Minh Tam shared that he is learning more and more things from Tiktok and social networks every day. He also created a stable income for himself, enough for personal expenses and school money.
Attracting millions of views on tiktok, Minh Tam currently owns nearly 400 thousand views. followers and 3.9 million likes on total videos. Besides, his personal facebook page attracts more than 45,000 followers. But for Pham Minh Tam, the biggest achievement he has achieved is his own development.
Starting like many others, he also had difficulty in time or new interesting things. But thanks to the help of friends and his own efforts, he was able to develop into the current state. Minh Tam said that to become a talented KOL needs many factors, the most important of which is the support from fans. Each fan has a different perspective and way of life. So it is very important to find a way to understand and harmonize with them.
According to Minh Tam, his motto is: "Work while others are asleep. Learn. when they're partying. Save when they're squandering. And you'll soon have the life you've been dreaming of." Besides his artistic activities, Minh Tam also participates in learning Chinese and reading self-improvement books in his free time.
In the future, Minh Tam wishes to cooperate and participate join large KOLs management companies. Besides, he also plans to go to China to learn and learn more.

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Summary of Pham Minh Tam profile

When was Only Toker Pham Minh Tam born?
Pham Minh Tam birthday 6-5-2001 (at the age of 21).
Where is Only Toker Pham Minh Tam's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Pham Minh Tam was born in Bac Ninh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Snake. Pham Minh Tam's global rank is 55707 and whose rank is 344 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 2001 is about 78,62 millions persons.
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Portrait of tiktoker Pham Minh Tam
Portrait of tiktoker Pham Minh Tam
Minh Tam has a handsome look
Minh Tam has a handsome look
handsome male tiktoker attracts hundreds of thousands of followers.
handsome male tiktoker attracts hundreds of thousands of followers.
Minh Tam - 10X guy with many ambitions
Minh Tam - 10X guy with many ambitions

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Events in 2001 and 6-5

Events in the world in the birth year of Pham Minh Tam

  • Congo president Laurent Kabila assassinated by bodyguard (Jan. 16). Son Joseph Kabila takes over amid continuing civil war.
  • Ariel Sharon wins election in Israel (Feb. 6). Right-wing leader chosen overwhelmingly as nation's fifth prime minister in just over five years during worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in years. Background: Middle East.
  • The long-simmering resentment of Macedonia's ethnic Albanians erupts into violence in March. The rebels seek greater autonomy within Macedonia. After six months of fighting, a peace agreement is signed (Aug. 13). British-led NATO forces enter the country and disarm the guerrillas. Background: Macedonia and the Balkans.
  • U.S. spy plane and Chinese jet collide (April 2); Sino-American relations deteriorate during a standoff. The 24 crew members of the U.S. plane were detained for 11 days and released after the U.S. issued a formal statement of regret.
  • Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic is delivered to UN tribunal in The Hague to await war-crime trial (June 29).
  • Without U.S., 178 nations reach agreement on climate accord, which rescues, though dilutes, 1997 Kyoto Protocol (July 23).
  • In response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. and British forces launch bombing campaign on Taliban government and al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan (Oct. 7). Bombings continue on a daily basis. Background: Afghanistan.
  • Irish Republican Army announces that it has begun to dismantle its weapons arsenal, marking a dramatic leap forward in Northern Ireland peace process (Oct. 23). Background: Northern Ireland Primer.
  • At a UN-sponsored summit in Bonn, Germany, Afghani factions meet to create a post-Taliban government (Nov. 27). Hamid Karzai is selected as head of the transitional government (Dec. 5). Background: Who's Who in Afghanistan.
  • Taliban regime in Afghanistan collapses after two months of bombing by American warplanes and fighting by Northern Alliance ground troops (Dec. 9).
  • Israel condemns the Palestinian Authority as a "terror-supporting entity" and severs ties with leader Yasir Arafat following mounting violence against Israelis (Dec. 3). The Israeli Army begins bombing Palestinian areas. Background: Middle East.

Birthday Pham Minh Tam (6-5) in history

  • Day 6-5 year 1882: Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act over President Chester A. Arthur's veto.
  • Day 6-5 year 1889: The Universal Exposition opened in Paris, marking the completion and dedication of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Day 6-5 year 1937: The German airship Hindenburg blew up and burst into flames at Lakehurst, N.J.
  • Day 6-5 year 1941: Dictator Joseph Stalin became the premier of Russia.
  • Day 6-5 year 1954: British athlete Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes (3:59:4).
  • Day 6-5 year 1994: The Chunnel between England and France officially opened.
  • Day 6-5 year 1999: Scotland elected its first separate parliament in three centuries.
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