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Living place: Bac Kinh

Birthday: 5-3-1898

Global rank: #73388

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Zhou Enlai is a Chinese politician who is one of the prominent leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). From 1949 until his death, he served as Premier of the People's Republic of China. From 1949-1958, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China. He played a leading role in the CCP's struggle for power. He is also a talented diplomat who advocates peaceful coexistence, and attended the Geneva Conference in 1954. Zhou Enlai is a man of high moral character, therefore, He was very popular with the people.
In 1949, the People's Republic of China was established, Zhou Enlai took the position of Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. In June 1953, he declared peace. In 1955, he led the CCP delegation to the Geneva Conference and the Bandung Conference. He was assassinated by the Kuomintang faction under the authority of Tuong Kai Thach while he was on the road. road from Bandung, but fortunately he escaped. In 1958, he handed over the position of Foreign Minister to Mr. Tran Nghi, and he remained the Prime Minister until his death in 1976.
After becoming Prime Minister, Zhou Enlai focused his attention. focus on economic development. From a country left behind after many years of war, he set out the goal of increasing agricultural production through the policy of land distribution. In addition, he also implements the environmental way. In the government at that time, Mao Zedong was the one who made the policy and Zhou Enlai was the one who made the policy. people put into practice. In 1958, Mao Zedong began implementing the "Great Leap Forward" program, with the goal of increasing the production level of China's agriculture and industry to unimaginable numbers. During the Cultural Revolution (1955-1976), there were many mistakes, and had a great influence on Zhou Enlai. But at the last stage, in 1975, Zhou Enlai came up with the "four modernizations" to correct the mistakes caused by the Cultural Revolution.
During the last stage of the Cultural Revolution, Zhou Enlai became the target of Mao Zedong's "Clan of Four" with a slang word that criticized the character Song Giang in "Water Margin", referring to Zhou Enlai as a political failure. In 1974, Zhou Enlai was hospitalized with bladder cancer. After learning that he had cancer, Zhou Enlai transferred much of his work to Deng Xiaoping. At that time, Deng Xiaoping was the first deputy prime minister, specializing in handling important issues in the State Council. On November 8, 1976, Zhou Enlai passed away. Many countries in the Non-Aligned Movement have sent condolences over the death of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. At that time, the Gang of Four (Giang Thanh and his associates) considered Zhou Enlai's death as good news for their political intrigue. After Zhou Enlai's funeral, Deng Xiaoping wrote an ode to the leader, but later, Deng was forced to leave politics after Mao Zedong's death.
After Zhou Enlai's death, a private memorial room was built to incense the corpses of him and his wife in Tianjin. A statue of Zhou Enlai was erected in the city of Nanjing, where he once worked with the Kuomintang. In 1977, China also issued a stamp to commemorate his death, and in 1998, this stamp was issued again.

Young / Before famous

Zhou Enlai learned letters from his mother when he was a toddler. At the age of four, he was able to read and write. In 1908, his mother died, and he was orphaned at the age of 10. After that, he was allowed to live with his uncle named Yikang. At the age of 12, he attended Dongguan School, where there was a "new way of education", so he was exposed to Western books from an early age, he understood freedom, democracy and the French and American revolutions. .
At the age of 15, Zhou Enlai graduated from Dongguan School, then attended Nankai School in Tianjin. For the next four years, he attended the American mission school. In 1911, the Xinhai revolution led by Sun Yat-sen aimed to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and establish the Republic of China. Then the Great War broke out in Europe, bringing the European invaders to a halt, but giving Japan a chance to raise its influence. Zhou Enlai witnessed the destruction of China by outside interference, he decided to join the demonstrations and protest for the country.
After that, he went to Tokyo- Japan to study at University. Zhou Enlai's original goal was to become a teacher, so that he could influence Chinese youth. But because he couldn't focus on his studies, and his Japanese was poor, he couldn't keep up with the lectures. In Nankai, Zhou Enlai wrote a speech to counter Japan's military and political pressure in China, while highlighting the inevitable turmoil at home. He called on classmates and students to take action to save China. But their answer is that they want to study to become experts and scientists in the future. Then he left Japan. Until early May 1919, because he was too disappointed and could not complete his studies, Zhou Enlai decided to go to Tianjin to attend the May 4th Movement, 1919. He became a nationwide activists in this movement. At the same time, he became one of the typical members in the Tianjin Student Association, whose public goal is "to fight against warlords and against imperialism, to save China from genocide". At this time, he was also the editor-in-chief of a newspaper of the Student Association, the Tianjin Student Newspaper. Zhou Enlai led a group of students who stood up to protest the arrests, and he himself was arrested. Comintern III expressed his wish to recruit Zhou Enlai to the Communist Party of China, but because he was studying Marxism, he had not yet accepted the invitation to join. He decided to go to Moscow to study as a student organizer.

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Zhou Enlai is married to Deng Ying Chao, former member of the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee. The couple has no children. He and Ton Duy The and Ly My were adopted.

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Chu An Lai birthday 5-3-1898 (death).
Where is Politicians Chu An Lai's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Chu An Lai was born in Giang To, of China. Em working and living in Bac Kinh, of China. Em, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Chu An Lai's global rank is 73388 and whose rank is 1626 in list of famous Politicians.
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Portrait of the late Prime Minister Zhou Enlai
Portrait of the late Prime Minister Zhou Enlai
Picture of late Premier Zhou Enlai and his wife
Picture of late Premier Zhou Enlai and his wife
Photo of the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and President Ho
Photo of the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and President Ho
Zhou Enlai is an outstanding leader of the Communist Party China
Zhou Enlai is an outstanding leader of the Communist Party China

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Events in 1898 and 5-3

Birthday Chu An Lai (5-3) in history

  • Day 5-3 year 1770: The Boston Massacre was a pre-Revolutionary incident that arose from anger towards the British army, and five anti-British rioters were killed.
  • Day 5-3 year 1933: In the last free elections in Germany until after World War II, the Nazi Party received 44% of the vote.
  • Day 5-3 year 1946: Winston Churchill delivered his famous Iron curtain speech, "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent."
  • Day 5-3 year 1953: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin died at age 73, after 29 years in power.
  • Day 5-3 year 1963: Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hankshaw Hawkins were killed in a plane crash.
  • Day 5-3 year 1997: North and South Korean representatives met for the first time in 25 years for peace talks.
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