Politicians Ton Chinh Tai

Ton Chinh Tai

Living place: Bac Kinh

Birthday: 25-9-1963 (60 years old)

Population of the world 1963: 3.205 billions

Global rank: #63754

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Who is Politicians Ton Chinh Tai?
Sun Zhengcai is a Chinese politician who served as a member of the 18th Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). From 2012 to July 15, 2017, he was the Party Secretary of Chongqing City. . Before that, he was the party secretary of Jilin province and the minister of agriculture of China.
Sun Zhengcai is the youngest member of the 18th Politburo of the CCP. He has been seen as the best candidate for China's sixth generation leader. However, on July 15, 2017, he was dismissed from the position of Party Secretary of Chongqing, and replaced by Mr. Chen Min Er of Guizhou Province. On July 24, Reuters reported from the CCP's anti-corruption agency that Sun Zhengcai was being investigated for suspected signs of "serious violations of discipline", a phrase often used to refer to corrupt officials.
This 54-year-old politician is a rising "political star" in Chinese politics. Even Sun Zhengcai is considered a highly likely candidate to replace Xi Jinping. According to sources familiar with the matter, Sun Zhengcai began to "fall out of favor" in February of this year, after the CCDI criticized Chongqing authorities for not making efforts to dismiss Bo Xilai's influence when he was sentenced to life imprisonment. After Ton Chinh Tai was sacked, Than Man Er was brought in to replace Dang Tieu Binh . Previously, the former Party Secretary of Chongqing Province - Bo Xilai, and the Minister of Public Security - Zhou Yongkang was investigated for a "serious disciplinary violation".
According to a short report by Xinhua News Agency, Sun Zhengcai was arrested for investigation, but specifically, what crime was investigated, this newspaper did not disclose information. The New York Times has commented on the fact that Mr. Xi Jinping deprives Mr. thinks that Mr. Binh has eliminated a potential challenge in his attempt to consolidate his power at this 19th Congress. And there are many reports that predict that Xi Jinping will continue to hold the position of General Secretary of the CCP for one more term.

Young / Before famous

Deng Xiaoping applied for the entrance exam to the Agricultural Institute in 1980. After graduating from the University, he studied for a master's degree and graduated in 1987. He worked at the Institute of Science and Technology In 1995, Mr. has been the deputy director, deputy secretary of the Party Committee since 1995.

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When was Politicians Ton Chinh Tai born?
Ton Chinh Tai birthday 25-9-1963 (at the age of 60).
Where is Politicians Ton Chinh Tai's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ton Chinh Tai was born in Son Dong, of China. Mr working and living in Bac Kinh, of China. Mr, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Ton Chinh Tai's global rank is 63754 and whose rank is 1183 in list of famous Politicians. Population of the world in 1963 is about 3.205 billions persons.
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Portrait of a Chinese politician
Portrait of a Chinese politician
 Sun Zhengcai
Sun Zhengcai
 was suddenly arrested on suspicion of having "seriously violated discipline"
was suddenly arrested on suspicion of having "seriously violated discipline"

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Events in 1963 and 25-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Ton Chinh Tai

  • France and West Germany sign treaty of cooperation ending four centuries of conflict (Jan. 22).
  • Pope John XXIII dies (June 3), and is succeeded June 21 by Cardinal Montini, who becomes Paul VI.
  • British Secretary of War John Profumo resigns in the wake of an affair with Christine Keeler, a teenage showgirl who was also involved with the Soviet naval attaché (June).
  • Washington-to-Moscow "hot line" communications link opens, designed to reduce risk of accidental war (Aug. 30). Background: cold war
  • Kenya achieves independence.
  • There are 15,000 US military advisers in South Vietnam. Background: Vietnam War
  • 32 independent African nations establish the Organization for African Unity.

Birthday Ton Chinh Tai (25-9) in history

  • Day 25-9 year 1775: Revolutionary Ethan Allen was captured by the British.
  • Day 25-9 year 1789: The first Congress adopted 12 amendments to the Constitution and sent them to the states for ratification. The first ten became the Bill of Rights.
  • Day 25-9 year 1890: Wilford Woodruff, president of the Mormon church, renounced the practice of polygamy. This paved the way for Utah's acceptance as a state in 1896.
  • Day 25-9 year 1957: Nine black teenagers, now known as the Little Rock Nine, challenged racial segregation by attending the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Day 25-9 year 1981: Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the first female justice on the Supreme Court.
  • Day 25-9 year 2003: It was reported that more than 14,000 had lost their lives in France in a summer heat wave.
  • Day 25-9 year 2011: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia grants women the right to vote and run for office in future elections.
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