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Living place: Phoenix

Birthday: 20-4-1995 (28 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1995: 72 millions

Global rank: #3199


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0817 140 994

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Who is Singer Yuniboo?
YuniBoo, also known as Cabral Bao Ngoc Yuni, whose real name is Nguyen Tran Bao Ngoc, is a famous young female singer, Youtuber, Facebooker on social networks. She has a Vietnamese mother and an American father. She currently lives in the US. She not only possesses musical talent but also has a diverse fashion sense and transformation as a fashionista. Since she was active in the arts at Vietnam, she quickly attracted She received a lot of attention from the audience and created a big buzz thanks to the hit song: My Lover 1-2, Marrying, Destiny, Doa Quynh Lan, Quietly letting go... She is also a famous Youtuber with Youtube channel has more than 300 thousand subscribers.
In 2022, after a period of absence from the Vpop race, the 9X girl returned with the song Away from each other. - a composition by musician Huynh Van. The song "Gone Away" with the performance of two vocalists, YuniBoo and Ut Nhi Mino, quickly reached the Top 6 on the Zingchart chart after a short time of release. This song has also attracted millions of views on the Youtube platform and has entered the Top trending music on the Tiktok platform. Before that, YuniBoo also had many impressive products and reached the Top trending of Tiktok such as: Spring smile, Can we always get married.....
Living in the US, YuniBoo's music and fashion style is also heavily influenced by American style. In terms of fashion, thanks to her 1m70 height, slim waist, she often wears costumes in a personality style, sporty but still exuding femininity. Her musical style is quite diverse. Her products often discuss prominent issues of society, receiving a lot of attention from the audience, especially young people.

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When was Singer Yuniboo born?
Yuniboo birthday 20-4-1995 (at the age of 28).
Where is Singer Yuniboo's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Yuniboo was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Phoenix, Arizona- United States. Ms, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Pig. Yuniboo's global rank is 3199 and whose rank is 354 in list of famous Singer. Population of Vietnam in 1995 is about 72 millions persons.
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Portrait of singer YuniBoo
Portrait of singer YuniBoo
Picture of singer YuniBoo with fashion sense that is both sporty but still exudes femininity
Picture of singer YuniBoo with fashion sense that is both sporty but still exudes femininity
Close-up of singer YuniBoo's beautiful beauty
Close-up of singer YuniBoo's beautiful beauty
Latest image of singer YuniBoo
Latest image of singer YuniBoo

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Events in 1995 and 20-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Yuniboo

  • US rescues Mexico's economy with $20-billion aid program (Feb. 21).
  • Russian space station Mir greets first Americans (March 14). US shuttle docks with station (June 27).
  • Nerve gas attack in Tokyo subway kills eight and injures thousands. The Aum Shinrikyo ("Supreme Truth") cult is to blame (March 20). Background: International Terrorism
  • Death toll 2,000 in Rwanda massacre (April 22).
  • Fighting escalates in Bosnia and Croatia (May 1). Warring parties agree on cease-fire (Oct. 5); sign peace treaty (Dec. 14).
  • France explodes nuclear device in Pacific; wide protests ensue (Sept. 5). Background: nuclear weapons
  • Israelis and Palestinians agree on transferring West Bank to Arabs (Sept. 24). Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin slain by Jewish extremist at peace rally (Nov. 4).

Birthday Yuniboo (20-4) in history

  • Day 20-4 year 1769: Chief Pontiac is murdered.
  • Day 20-4 year 1841: The first detective story, Edgar Allen Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue was published.
  • Day 20-4 year 1902: Marie and Pierre Curie isolated radium.
  • Day 20-4 year 1912: The Boston Red Sox played their first game at Fenway Park. They beat the N.Y. Highlanders (who in 1913 would become known as the Yankees) 7-6.
  • Day 20-4 year 1971: The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the practice of busing for racial desegregation.
  • Day 20-4 year 1999: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. 14 students (including the shooters) and 1 teacher were killed; 23 others were wounded.
  • Day 20-4 year 2008: Danica Patrick won the Indy Japan 300, becoming the first woman to win an IndyCar race.
  • Day 20-4 year 2010: An explosion on a BP oil drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana kills 11 people and injures 17. Experts estimate that 13,000 gallons of crude oil per hour are pouring into the Gulf of Mexico.
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