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Nam Blue

Living place: Nghe An

Birthday: 18-12-1990 (32 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1990: 66,02 millions

Global rank: #70



Phone number: updating

Streamer Nam Blue profile

Who is Streamer Nam Blue?
Nam Blue, whose real name is Phan Thanh Nam, is a famous streamer of the Vietnamese gaming community, and a famous character on social networks. Previously, this guy had a nick name CauBeNguNgo. The content of the videos that Nam Blue makes is mainly about the two titles Pursuing and PUBG Mobile.
The name Nam Blue is too familiar to the Vietnamese gaming community. This guy born in 1990 is one of the top famous streamers in Vietnam. Starting from a famous streamer of the game Chasing, until now Nam Blue is considered PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds of PUBG game. Nam's Youtube channel has 696 thousand subscribers, his Fanpage also has more than 1.3 million followers. With such huge numbers, it is not an exaggeration to say that Nam Blue is the number 1 streamer in Vietnam at the moment. In particular, Nam Blue is also the streamer holding the No. 1 position in the world in terms of the total number of stream viewers on the Facebook Gaming platform. One of Nam's livestreams has more than 10,000 followers at the same time, and at one point nearly 30,000 people.
In addition to being a streamer, Nam Blue also regularly comments on small eSports events held in Vietnam and internationally. Every time there are top matches, many people always look forward to Nam Blue's appearance. With an enthusiastic and humorous approach, Nam Blue has won the hearts of the Vietnamese gaming community. He is also the commentator of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in Vietnam called Fighting League 2018. This is a tournament for gamers of the PUBG Mobile gaming community organized by Gank Esports in collaboration with FEG. bonus up to 450 million dong.

Family life info

According to Streamer Namblue, he and his wife officially registered their marriage on January 1, 2020. The male streamer's wife is Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Trang, born on April 9, 1990. She attended the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) in Baltimore County, Maryland. Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Trang has a pretty face. According to the story, Nam blue and she have been in love through Yahoo since 9th grade even though she was at that time Lam Dong , far away Nghe An is Nam Blue's hometown. 2 people lost contact after Phuong Trang immigrated to the US, but suddenly in 2016 she found Nam Blue again. through searching information on google (then Nam Blue was a quite famous streamer in the online community.
On March 10, 2022, Nam Blue and her husband officially had their first child named Ariana Phan

Close relationship

Who is Girl friend/ wife/ darling Streamer Nam Blue?
My younger brother is gamer Giang Black, also a Pubg Mobile streamer
Nam blue is also famous for Nam Blue Academy, which trains and gathers quite famous streamers such as Du Dang, Fix Max...

Body measurements of

How tall is Streamer Nam Blue? What Nam Blue's weight?
Height: about 160cm (source: 165cm)
Weight: about 50kg
Three measurements: updating

Summary of Nam Blue profile

When was Streamer Nam Blue born?
Nam Blue birthday 18-12-1990 (at the age of 32).
Where is Streamer Nam Blue's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nam Blue was born in Nghe An, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Nam Blue's global rank is 70 and whose rank is 5 in list of famous Streamer. Population of Vietnam in 1990 is about 66,02 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Nam Blue Streamer portrait photo
Nam Blue Streamer portrait photo
A new photo of Nam Blue Streamer
A new photo of Nam Blue Streamer
Nam Blue Streamer photo taken with crabs
Nam Blue Streamer photo taken with crabs
New photo of Nam Blue Streamer
New photo of Nam Blue Streamer
Nam Blue is a leading Streamer of the Vietnamese gaming community
Nam Blue is a leading Streamer of the Vietnamese gaming community
Nam Blue with beautiful wife
Nam Blue with beautiful wife
A photo of Nam Blue's wife - Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Trang
A photo of Nam Blue's wife - Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Trang

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Events in 1990 and 18-12

Events in the world in the birth year of Nam Blue

  • General Manuel Noriega surrenders in Panama (Jan. 3).
  • Yugoslav Communists end 45-year monopoly of power (Jan. 22).
  • Communist Party relinquish sole power in Soviet government (Feb. 7). Background: Dissolution of the USSR
  • South Africa frees Nelson Mandela, imprisoned 27½ years (Feb. 11).
  • US-Soviet summit reaches accord on armaments (June 1).
  • Western Alliance ends Cold War and proposes joint action with Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (July 6).
  • Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, setting off the Persian Gulf War (Aug. 2 et seq.). Background: The Persian Gulf War
  • East and West Germany reunited (Aug. 31 et seq.).
  • Margaret Thatcher resigns as British Prime Minister (Nov. 22); John Major succeeds her (Nov. 28).
  • Lech Walesa wins Poland's runoff Presidential election (Dec. 9).

Birthday Nam Blue (18-12) in history

  • Day 18-12 year 1737: Violin maker Antonio Stradivari died in Cremona, Italy.
  • Day 18-12 year 1787: New Jersey became the third state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
  • Day 18-12 year 1865: Slavery was abolished with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Day 18-12 year 1892: Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite" premiered at St. Petersburg's Maryinksy Theatre.
  • Day 18-12 year 1944: The Supreme Court upheld the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans.
  • Day 18-12 year 1956: Japan was admitted to the United Nations.
  • Day 18-12 year 1957: The Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania became the first civilian nuclear facility to generate electricity in the United States.
  • Day 18-12 year 1969: The British Parliament abolished the death penalty for murder.
  • Day 18-12 year 2000: George W. Bush received 271 votes in the delayed Electoral College balloting.
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