Teacher Ngoc Huyen

Ngoc Huyen

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 24-5-1998 (24 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1998: 75,46 millions

Global rank: #711

Facebook: facebook.com/ngochuyenlb

Email: ngochuyenlb.hnue@gmail.com

Phone number: 0962 058 839

Teacher Ngoc Huyen profile

Who is Teacher Ngoc Huyen?
Ngoc Huyen (full name Vu Thi Ngoc Huyen) - young and talented Math teacher; is the author of the Math Schema System. Unlike other online teachers, Ms. Ngoc Huyen chooses her own path. She thinks that if she acts like everyone else, she is not herself anymore. She must be a different version, not to be confused with anyone. In the National High School Graduation Exam 2021, Ms. Ngoc Huyen had 162 excellent students honored for their efforts, striving hard and creating certain achievements for the Math System.
With the Math System, Ms. Ngoc Huyen's students can send private messages to ask questions. The team of specialists of Mathematical Protocol is always on hand to answer questions from students from 8am to 24pm daily. Ngoc Huyen's point of view in work and study is "The Best Or Nothing", so she wants her students not to give up before any problem. In addition to the usual math solutions, Ms. Ngoc Huyen is always looking for new solutions to make them concise, concise and easy to understand.

The teacher's published books. Vien Ngoc Huyen:

  • Math 10th Diagram
  • Math 11th Diagram
  • 12th Math Scheme: Derivative Application
  • Math 12th Diagram: Polyhedra & Polyhedron Volume
  • Math 12th Diagram: Rotating Circle
  • Math 12th Diagram: Primitive, integration and applications
  • Math 12th Diagram: Complex Numbers
  • Math 12th Diagram: OXYZ Coordinate Figure
  • Math 12th Diagram: Exponential and Logarithmic
  • Conquering applied problems
  • Disrupting Casio Technology

Since she was a student, Ms. Ngoc Huyen has done many things. admirer when publishing the book "Breaking Math". The book series received positive feedback from teachers and students. Realizing that students are having a hard time in the National High School Exam, Ms. Ngoc Huyen is always concerned about writing books to guide students in self-study and self-practice exercises to master them. Thanks to Ms. Ngoc Huyen's book series, many students feel more confident when taking part in important exams.

Ms. Ngoc Huyen makes many people admire her determination to overcome difficulties in life and rise to success. high achievement in learning. From a poor student with many needs and hardships; Ms. Ngoc Huyen still excelled in the Department of Mathematics - teaching Mathematics in English at Hanoi National University of Education. Although the university exam is coming, Ms. Ngoc Huyen still helps her mother sell tea to have money to go to school and buy books. Ms. Ngoc Huyen's efforts helped her pass the exam with a high score.


Young / Before famous

For many years in a row, Ms. Ngoc Huyen has always achieved excellent results in her studies. She studies all subjects but her favorite is Math. In the school year 2011-2012, Ms. Ngoc Huyen won the third prize in the provincial childhood math contest, the first prize in the 8th grade Math town and the 8th grade online math prize. Ms. Ngoc Huyen was also the only student in the junior high school class Ninh Binh province won the second prize (no first prize) in the national hand-held computer math contest.
No Ngoc Huyen is also an exemplary class president, a dynamic team leader.

Family life info

Her father died early when Ngoc Huyen was only 8 months old, her mother had to work hard to raise 2 children. With a difficult family situation, Ms. Ngoc Huyen always told herself to try harder than her peers.

Close relationship

Who is Boy friend/ husband/ darling Teacher Ngoc Huyen?

Body measurements of

How tall is Teacher Ngoc Huyen? What Ngoc Huyen's weight?
Height: About 1m58
Weight: About 47kg
Measurement of 3 rings: updating

Summary of Ngoc Huyen profile

When was Teacher Ngoc Huyen born?
Ngoc Huyen birthday 24-5-1998 (at the age of 24).
Where is Teacher Ngoc Huyen's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ngoc Huyen was born in Ninh Binh, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Ngoc Huyen's global rank is 711 and whose rank is 10 in list of famous Teacher. Population of Vietnam in 1998 is about 75,46 millions persons.
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Teacher Ngoc Huyen is the author of the Math Formula system
Teacher Ngoc Huyen is the author of the Math Formula system
 Teacher Ngoc Huyen's bright smile
Teacher Ngoc Huyen's bright smile
 Teacher Ngoc Huyen's will to overcome difficulties makes many people admire
Teacher Ngoc Huyen's will to overcome difficulties makes many people admire
 Teacher Ngoc Huyen is the author of a series of Public Books. Break Math
Teacher Ngoc Huyen is the author of a series of Public Books. Break Math

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Events in 1998 and 24-5

Events in the world in the birth year of Ngoc Huyen

  • Serbs battle ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (March 5 et seq.). Serbs renew attack on Kosovo rebels (June 1). NATO, on verge of air strikes, reaches settlement with Milosevic on Kosovo (Oct. 12).
  • Good Friday Accord is reached in Northern Ireland (April 10). Irish Parliament backs peace agreement (April 22). Background: N. Ireland Peace Negotiations
  • Europeans agree on single currency, the euro (May 3).
  • India conducts three atomic tests despite worldwide disapproval (May 11, 13). Pakistan stages five nuclear tests in response (May 29, 30).
  • Indonesian dictator Suharto steps down after 32 years in power (May 21).
  • Iraq ends cooperation with UN arms inspectors (Aug. 5). Clinton orders air strikes (Dec. 16–19).
  • US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed (Aug. 7). US cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan (Aug. 20).
  • Russia fights to avert financial collapse (Aug. 17).
  • Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet arrested in London (Oct. 16).
  • Wye Mills Agreement between Netanyahu and Arafat moves Middle East peace talks forward (Oct. 23). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations

Birthday Ngoc Huyen (24-5) in history

  • Day 24-5 year 1844: Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraph message, in which he asked, "What hath God wrought?"
  • Day 24-5 year 1883: The Brooklyn Bridge, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, opened to traffic.
  • Day 24-5 year 1899: W.T. McCullough of Boston, Mass., opened the first public garage. One could rent space for selling, storing and repairing vehicles.
  • Day 24-5 year 1935: Major League Baseball’s first night game was played under the lights at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field as the hometown Reds defeated Philadelphia, 2–1.
  • Day 24-5 year 1958: The United Press and the International News Service merged to form United Press International (UPI).
  • Day 24-5 year 1976: The British and French Concordes made their first commercial flights.
  • Day 24-5 year 2000: Israeli troops pulled out of Lebanon after 18 consecutive years of occupation.
  • Day 24-5 year 2001: Vermont senator James Jeffords quit the Republican Party and became an Independent, giving Democrats control of the Senate.
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