Chinese War Hero Muc Hoang

Muc Hoang

Living place: Quang Dong

Birthday: ?-?-1086

Global rank: #76788

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Who is Chinese War Hero Muc Hoang?
Mu Hong, whose pinyin name is Mu Hong, is a historical hero in the novel Water Margin by author Thi Nai Nam. He is the 25th general out of 108 heroes of Luong Son Bac.
He and his brother Mu Xuan have a large family estate in Yet Duong town, Mu Gia Trang, which is one of them. Tam Ba of Tran Yet Duong. Once, Tiet Vinh (who was the deputy general of the Thuy Hu camp later) went to Tran Yet Duong to perform martial arts to earn money. Because Tiet Vinh did not come to see his cousin Muc, he was made difficult by Muc Hoang's brother. Muc Xuan banned all people from giving money to Tiet Vinh. People in the town, fearing the power of the Muc cousins, just watched Tiet Vinh perform martial arts, but no one gave them money. Tong Giang was being exiled to Giang Chau when passing by then stopped Watch Tiet Vinh perform. Tong Giang gave Tiet Vinh five taels of silver, making Mu Xuan angry. Muc Xuan caused a fight against Tong Giang but was defeated by Tiet Vinh and had to run away. Mu Hong heard his brother's story and immediately sent people to hunt down Tiet Vinh. Tong Giang went to find a place to rest but did not quickly fall back into the Mu family page, meeting at the right time when Mu Hoang was angry. Song Jiang and two servants have left Mujiazhuang. The Muc cousins ​​chased the three of them and nearly lost their lives in Truong Hoanh, fortunately, Ly Thuan came to help in time. Cousins ​​Muc and Truong Hoanh were overjoyed when they met Tong Cong Minh.
When 17 good men Luong Son robbed the execution ground to save Tong Giang and Dai Tung, Muc Hoang's cousin, along with Ly Thuan, Truong's cousin, Dong's cousin, Tiet Vinh, Ly Tap came to the rescue. After joining Luong Son, he participated in many battles and made many victories such as the Battle of Chuc Gia Trang, the Great War -dien-chuoc/bgrp">Ho Dien Chuoc, the great destruction of Dai Danh Palace. After 108 heroes of Luong Son gathered, he was appointed to hold the position of Ma Quan Bat Co, a pioneer messenger. After the imperial court summoned security, Luong Son's army conquered many rebellions such as suppressing the army of Lieu, Vuong Khanh, Dien Ho, and Phuong Lap. While in Hangzhou, he and some Luong Son generals such as Chu Quy, Khong Minh, Truong Hoanh, Duong Lam, and Bach Thang were seriously ill. Tong Giang sent Chu Phu and Muc Xuan to stay and take care of these generals. However, after this illness, all did not survive except for Muc Xuan and Duong Lam who survived.

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He and Quan Thang, Lam Chung, Thach Tu, Duong Chi, Lu Tuan Nghia, Cong Ton Thang, Yen's nest Thanh, Hi Tien, Sai Tien, Chu Dong, Vo Tong, Lo Tri Tham, Ho Dien Chuoc, Ly Ung ... are the good Han Luong Son.

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When was Chinese War Hero Muc Hoang born?
Muc Hoang ?-?-1086 (death).
Where is Chinese War Hero Muc Hoang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Muc Hoang was born in Quang Dong, of China. Em, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Muc Hoang's global rank is 76788 and whose rank is 28 in list of famous Chinese War Hero.
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Born in 1086