Only Toker Tran Van Trang

Tran Van Trang

Living place: Hau Giang

Birthday: 4-6-1998 (26 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1998: 75,46 millions

Global rank: #3700



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Only Toker Tran Van Trang profile

Who is Only Toker Tran Van Trang?
Tran Van Trang (25 years old), lives in Chau Thanh A district, Hau Giang province, known as the owner of the tiktok channel Trang Mien Tay. He often makes clips of daily life in his agricultural garden and fish farming ditch, which many people accept and love.
The clips on TikTok of this 25-year-old man do not require too much investment, they are mainly images of Western people's activities or a day's journey of harvesting agricultural products, fishing with friends, and catching snails. in the fields, ditches and then go home to prepare food...
Sharing with the writer, Trang said that all the content on TikTok was filmed by her from the garden full of fruit, to the ditch full of snails and fish created by herself and her mother.
“My father passed away early, and my family encountered difficulties, so I could not finish 12th grade and had to go to work to make a living. Currently, our family's economic source is mainly thanks to the 7, 000 m2 garden with a variety of agricultural products such as mango, jackfruit, durian, star apple, coconut, banana, gourd, luffa, squash, cucumber, etc. potatoes, vegetables and a ditch with an area of 2, 000 m2 to raise catfish, giant catfish, fish, cross-eyed fish, silver carp, some types of snails... ", Trang informed.
Wishing to spread the beauty of the idyllic Western countryside to everyone, Trang went online to learn how to film and edit simple clips. "In early 2022, I filmed a few clips about rural life and posted them on TikTok, but unexpectedly they were enthusiastically received, " the 25-year-old man confided.
Perhaps it is thanks to the honesty of "what goes around" with simple, homely things in the countryside that Trang has won the hearts and hearts of fans. Currently, this 25-year-old man's TikTok channel "Western Trang" has more than 500, 000 followers with many clips ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of views such as: "Simple dishes, braised field mice with laksa leaves", "signs". Countryside brisket, frugal meal" or "snakehead fish porridge, field eel"...
Trang confided: "My life is still difficult, but my mother and I have been trying to cultivate the garden every day. Honestly, even though being a farmer is somewhat difficult, the spirit is extremely comfortable. For me, "picking vegetables in the morning, catching fish in the afternoon" making a simple meal and spending time with loved ones is more than enough for a current life.

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Summary of Tran Van Trang profile

When was Only Toker Tran Van Trang born?
Tran Van Trang birthday 4-6-1998 (at the age of 26).
Where is Only Toker Tran Van Trang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Tran Van Trang was born in Hau Giang, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Tran Van Trang's global rank is 3700 and whose rank is 256 in list of famous Only Toker. Population of Vietnam in 1998 is about 75,46 millions persons.
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Tiktoker Trần Văn Tràng
Tiktoker Trần Văn Tràng
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  • Day 4-6 year 1892: The Sierra Club, led by John Muir, was incorporated in San Francisco.
  • Day 4-6 year 1896: Henry Ford took his first car out for a test drive.
  • Day 4-6 year 1942: The Battle of Midway, a decisive Allied victory in World War II, began.
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  • Day 4-6 year 1968: Dorothy Gish, American actress who starred in many silent-film classics, died.
  • Day 4-6 year 1989: People's Army of China opened fire on crowds of prodemocracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square, killing thousands.
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  • Day 4-6 year 2003: Martha Stewart was indicted on charges of insider trading.
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