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Hong Nhung

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 15-3-1970 (53 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1970: 42,73 millions

Global rank: #3823


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Singer Hong Nhung profile

Who is Singer Hong Nhung?
- Hong Nhung full name is Le Hong Nhung. She is known to the audience as a leading female light music singer of contemporary Vietnam. In addition to the name "Hong Nhung", she is also known by the nick name "Bong", this is her intimate name. Music lovers, you must have heard 3 songs Bong Bong, Bong is not Bong, and Thuong Bong was written for her by musician Trinh Cong Son. It was the musician Trinh Cong Son also helped her a lot in her career
- Ms. had a great influence on the Vietnamese music industry in the 90s, she even won 8 dedication awards. In addition, she is recognized as one of the top four Divas of Vietnamese music.
Her albums:
  • Hong Nhung's singing (1988)
  • Why don't you come (1991)
  • Nostalgic old clouds (1992)
  • Bong Bong Oi (1993)
  • Love song (1995)
  • Suddenly I heard you sing (1995)
  • Doan Hanoi's Autumn Songs (1997)
  • Hong Nhung & Top Ten Songs (1998)
  • Love Garden (1998)
  • Lullaby for you (1998) )
  • The Call of Heaven (1999)
  • Love (2000)
  • I drew the sun (2001)
  • Day no rain (2002)
  • When Bong was a human (2003)
  • A New Day (2003)
  • Quiet Garden (2004)
  • Like the Wings of a Cauldron (2006)
  • The Circle (2011)
Her Awards:
  • She received the "most favorite singer" award of the Green Wave for 7 consecutive years
  • In 1999, she received the 99 Most Fashionable Artist award
  • In 2000, the best singer who sings about Hanoi 's favorite VTV
  • In 2003, she won the award for the most popular female singer, Golden Mai 2003 with the song A New Day.
  • In 2007, she won the award for favorite singer. 10 Years of the Green Wave
  • In 2007, the album "Because we need each other" was one of the top 10 best-selling albums
  • In 2011, the Circle MV participated in the "Music Video Award" Viet" on MTV Vietnam won 3.

The life of singer Hong Nhung

Hong Nhung from an early age has been very gifted with music, the little princess often participates in events of children's culture houses in Hanoi. Although she sings well, Hong Nhung is a very good student. She won many titles of excellent students at that time for many years and even entered the top list of typical excellent students of Hanoi Street. Awarded certificate of merit by the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong at that time.

Date Little Hong Nhung lived without her mother because her parents broke up when she was less than 2 years old. She has lived with her father and paternal grandmother since childhood in the house at 11 Dien Bien Phu Street, Hanoi. Hong Nhung's paternal grandfather is painter Le Van Ngoan and her maternal grandfather is a linguist Dai Xuan Ninh.

Her grandmother died at the age of 11, which is considered a major event in her life. because she was always by her side when she was young.

Besides singing well, Hong Nhung also studied very well, but the biggest turning point in her life was probably when she followed her father to Saigon. establish a career. That year, Hong Nhung was 20 years old and fate made her have a meeting with talented musician Trinh Cong Son, gloriously happy with his music, just enough to make a revolution in singing Trinh Cong Son. after Khanh Ly, with a different singing style and different tears. (Poetry of Olga Bergholz - Russia: I cry differently/Singing is different from the past). It should be known that after 1975 it was difficult for Saigon's audience to accept any singer who sang Trinh Cong Son's music other than Khanh Ly. But Hong Nhung has done new things

The relationship between Trinh Cong Son and Hong Nhung also costs the press a lot of ink. There are many rumors that Trinh Cong Son's love for Hong Nhung is very special.

In 1996, when answering a reporter's interview, musician Trinh Cong Son thought for a few seconds when he was asked that up to this moment, who did he see singing his songs? I was the most successful, making him the most satisfied. "Still Khanh Ly, it's the voice that when we first met, she understood thoroughly what I wrote" - Trinh Cong Son said.

The article was then written and posted directly. into the printing house. Immediately after the report was published, musician Trinh Cong Son came over, his voice confused. “I saw Nhung reading the article with a sad face. I was also negligent when I didn't mention Nhung at all,” he said.

Photographer Duong Minh Long, who used to live in the same house with Trinh Cong Son, said that countless pink shadows had passed by. Trinh's life, but the person who makes him the happiest and most manly is Hong Nhung.

In July 2011 Hong Nhung officially announced that she had been married to an American guy Kevin for 1 year. and then they quickly gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, right on Easter, April 8, 2012 in Thailand. But this marriage only lasted for 8 years when Kevin Gilmore was suspected of "having an affair with a third person", but Hong Nhung was very secretive and did not share the cause in this matter. Actually, Hong Nhung had a marriage lasting 2 years before coming to this American guy. But all the information is so little that only when Hong Nhung's mother shares it, everyone knows it.

Hong Nhung has a new person after the divorce? Actually, it's a normal story, but Hong Nhung is quite secretive in her relationships, the story of a new person was discovered by fans by chance when she was talking Live stream, then suddenly a man passed in the room. home, even for a few seconds, everyone guessed it was her new person. Singer Bang Kieu also commented cheerfully, "Who's hiding there..." Then Hong Nhung seemed quite shy and confused.


Young / Before famous

- At the age of 10, Hong Nhung auditioned for the painting team of the Hanoi Children's Cultural Palace and became a member of the painting team.
- At the age of 11, Hong Nhung went to the Voice of Vietnam to record her first song: "Hello" and perform in the Hanoi Young Bamboo Art Team.
- At the age of 15, she won the Gold Medal "National Professional Performance" at Hai Phong.
- At the age of 17, she was selected to take the "Hanoi Good Voice" contest, then she was in the first year of the intermediate level at Hanoi Art School
- At the age of 20, she followed her father to Saigon to establish a career and from Here she has a chance to meet musician Trinh Cong Son

Family life info

Hong Nhung was born into an intellectual Hanoi family with a good cultural and educational background. Hong Nhung's grandfather is painter Le Van Ngoan; his grandfather is a linguist Dai Xuan Ninh; Her father is translator Le Van Vien. She is related to singer Bang Kieu

Close relationship

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Hong Nhung's cousin is a singer Bang Kieu

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Summary of Hong Nhung profile

When was Singer Hong Nhung born?
Hong Nhung birthday 15-3-1970 (at the age of 53).
Where is Singer Hong Nhung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Hong Nhung was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Hong Nhung's global rank is 3823 and whose rank is 442 in list of famous Singer. Population of Vietnam in 1970 is about 42,73 millions persons.
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Portrait of Singer Hong Nhung
Portrait of Singer Hong Nhung
 Hong Nhung- Famous singer in Hanoi
Hong Nhung- Famous singer in Hanoi
 Latest pictures of Singer Hong Nhung
Latest pictures of Singer Hong Nhung
 Charming singer Hong Nhung in ao dai
Charming singer Hong Nhung in ao dai

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Events in 1970 and 15-3

Events in the world in the birth year of Hong Nhung

  • Biafra surrenders after 32-month fight for independence from Nigeria (Jan. 12).
  • Rhodesia severs last tie with British Crown and declares itself a racially segregated republic (March 1).
  • US troops invade Cambodia (May 1). Background: Vietnam War
  • A Palestinian revolt erupts in Jordan. Forces loyal to King Hussein suppress the revolt and expel the PLO from the country.
  • Earthquake kills more than 50,000 in Peru (May 31).
  • Egyptian President Nasser dies and is replaced by Anwar el-Sadat.
  • Tonga (June 4) and Fiji (Oct. 10) gain independence from Britain.

Birthday Hong Nhung (15-3) in history

  • Day 15-3 year 44 B.C: Julius Caesar was murdered by a group of Cimber, Casca, Cassius, and Marcus led by Junius Brutus in the senate on the 74th day of the Roman calendar, "Ides of March."
  • Day 15-3 year 1493: The great Italian explorer Columbus returned to Spain after his first expedition to the Western Hemisphere.
  • Day 15-3 year 1820: Maine officially becomes the 23rd state of the United States.
  • Day 15-3 year 1917: Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia, is forced to abdicate his throne (March 2, old style calendar).
  • Day 15-3 year 1937: The first hospital blood bank in the United States was established, in Chicago, at Cook County Hospital.
  • Day 15-3 year 1965: President Lyndon Johnson asked Congress for legislation guaranteeing every American the right to vote.
  • Day 15-3 year 2003: Hu Jintao was chosen to replace Jiang Zemin as the president of China.
  • Day 15-3 year 2004: Scientists reported the discovery of Sedna, the most distant object in the solar system.
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