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Van Ruby

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 16-4-1998 (24 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1998: 75,46 millions

Global rank: #26778


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Phone number: 0948 909 380

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Who is Streamer Van Ruby?
Van Ruby, whose real name is Tran Huynh Van, is a famous streamer on the Bigo Live platform in Vietnam. On the social network Facebook, this beautiful 9X girl currently has nearly 80,000 followers. In August 2021, the online community was surprised when within just one night of livestream, she was donated billions of dollars by fans. It can be said that Van Ruby is a prominent name on the Bigo platform. After a billion-dollar donation in just 1 night from an anonymous fan, Van Ruby's name is more sought after.
Not just a famous streamer on Bigo Live platform, Van Ruby is also a talented actress and freelance model. According to many information, this 9X girl also has a passion for business and currently owns a restaurant of her own. During the Covid-10 outbreak in Vietnam, the restaurant business faced many difficulties. In a livestream, streamer Van Ruby said that she still maintains and develops the restaurant business, and believes that everything will stabilize and develop more brilliantly after the pandemic is over.

Also during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, Van Ruby's livestream work on Bigo Live was extremely convenient. Those who regularly follow the activities of this beautiful 9X girl must be no stranger to having hundreds of thousands of people, even tens of thousands of people interacting, commenting and giving her points during livestreams. In particular, during the social distancing season, people's need for entertainment to kill time increases, so it also makes the work of this beautiful female streamer "like a kite in the wind".

On the evening of August 27, 2021, a fan nicknamed Mr. Jacky donated to Van Ruby an amount of up to 1012 Dragons (calculated in units of Bigo Live Vietnam). This move shocked the entire Bigo Live community overnight. Not long after that, the official fanpage of Bigo Live Vietnam officially announced that it had set a new record for the other hidden fan with the highest donation in the world. At the same time, streamer Van Ruby also became the new record holder of Bigo Vietnam platform in 2021.

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When was Streamer Van Ruby born?
Van Ruby birthday 16-4-1998 (at the age of 24).
Where is Streamer Van Ruby's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Van Ruby was born in Binh Thuan, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Van Ruby's global rank is 26778 and whose rank is 269 in list of famous Streamer. Population of Vietnam in 1998 is about 75,46 millions persons.
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Portrait of streamer Van Ruby
Portrait of streamer Van Ruby
Close-up of streamer Van Ruby's beautiful beauty
Close-up of streamer Van Ruby's beautiful beauty
Image of streamer Van Ruby - who has been donated by fans with an amount of up to billions of VND
Image of streamer Van Ruby - who has been donated by fans with an amount of up to billions of VND
Latest image of streamer Van Ruby
Latest image of streamer Van Ruby

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Events in 1998 and 16-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Van Ruby

  • Serbs battle ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (March 5 et seq.). Serbs renew attack on Kosovo rebels (June 1). NATO, on verge of air strikes, reaches settlement with Milosevic on Kosovo (Oct. 12).
  • Good Friday Accord is reached in Northern Ireland (April 10). Irish Parliament backs peace agreement (April 22). Background: N. Ireland Peace Negotiations
  • Europeans agree on single currency, the euro (May 3).
  • India conducts three atomic tests despite worldwide disapproval (May 11, 13). Pakistan stages five nuclear tests in response (May 29, 30).
  • Indonesian dictator Suharto steps down after 32 years in power (May 21).
  • Iraq ends cooperation with UN arms inspectors (Aug. 5). Clinton orders air strikes (Dec. 16–19).
  • US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed (Aug. 7). US cruise missiles hit suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan (Aug. 20).
  • Russia fights to avert financial collapse (Aug. 17).
  • Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet arrested in London (Oct. 16).
  • Wye Mills Agreement between Netanyahu and Arafat moves Middle East peace talks forward (Oct. 23). Background: Middle East Peace Negotiations

Birthday Van Ruby (16-4) in history

  • Day 16-4 year 1746: The revolt that restored the senior line of the House of Stuart to the English Jacobite throne ended when the Duke of Cumberland defeated Charles "Bonnie Prince Charlie" Stuart.
  • Day 16-4 year 1912: Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.
  • Day 16-4 year 1917: Lenin returned to Russia after 10 years in exile in Switzerland.
  • Day 16-4 year 1947: Financier Bernard Baruch coined the term “cold war” in a speech in South Carolina.
  • Day 16-4 year 1972: China sent President Nixon two giant pandas as a gift.
  • Day 16-4 year 1999: Hockey great Wayne Gretzky announced his retirement.
  • Day 16-4 year 2007: A male student, Cho Seung-Hui, killed two in a Virginia Tech dorm, then killed 30 more 2 hours later in a classroom building. His suicide brought the death toll to 33, making the shooting rampage the most deadly in U.S. history. Fifteen others were wounded.
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