Tiktok Chanel Ba Thuc Food

Ba Thuc Food

Working place: Vietnam

Founding day: ?-?-2021 (3 years old)

Global rank: #1296

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Who is Tiktok Chanel Ba Thuc Food?
Ba Thuc Food is a Tiktok channel that creates content on food topics. This is the Tiktok channel of two Tiktokers, Tran Phuong Dung and Phan Minh Thuc. Ba Thuc Food channel currently owns more than 455 thousand followers and millions of likes.
Ba Thuc Food CEO Tran Phuong Dung was born in 1993, used to work many different jobs. But about a year ago, she focused on building a Tiktok channel and selling on Tiktok Shop. Born in the Central Highlands region with coffee hills, immense green meadows, Phuong Dung I realized that my hometown also has many specialties, especially beef jerky. She also has many aunts and uncles in her family who have a beef drying facility, so she decided to trade this item. And so she and her husband started a business with beef jerky and Ba Thuc Food channel was born.
Few people know that, before becoming a The famous Tiktoker couple with beef jerky, Phuong Dung used to spend all of her accumulated money and borrowed more money to sell lipstick but failed. After that, she also traded in herbal products such as shampoo, foot bath... Her business was very developed at that time. But when the Covid-19 pandemic has complicated developments at Vietnam and many more countries in the world, her family's business also became more difficult. Not afraid of difficulties, the CEO of Ba Thuc Food started a business with many products and finally succeeded with beef jerky.
Phuong Dung said, With live sessions that close 10 billion in sales of other Tiktokers, Ba Thuc Food channel is nothing. However, the fact is that Ba Thuc channel was named and introduced by TikTok Chou Zi Chew to Ba Thuc Food channel at the Southeast Asia Impact Forum organized by TikTok. It can be said that this is an honor of Ba Thuc Food.

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When was Tiktok Chanel Ba Thuc Food born?
Ba Thuc Food founding day ?-?-2021 (at the age of 3).
Where is Tiktok Chanel Ba Thuc Food's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Ba Thuc Food was born in Vietnam. is a Tiktok Chanel, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Ox. Ba Thuc Food's global rank is 1296 and whose rank is 21 in list of famous Tiktok Chanel.
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