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Mim Chong

Working place: Vietnam

Founding day: ?-?-2022 (2 years old)

Global rank: #66078

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Who is Tiktok Chanel Mim Chong?
Mim Chong is a Tiktok channel of a young Tiktoker couple, Huyen (Chim) and Dung (Mong). This Tiktok channel has now attracted nearly 400 thousand followers and more than 18 million likes. While on television there are many films focusing on the pure conflicts in married and family life, especially of young couples, Mim Chong built a Tiktok channel with content that gives a perspective. very different from the world of marriage. Chim and Mong have been in love since they were college students. At the age of 24, the couple got married.
Tiktoker Chim and Butt started to establish and build their own Tiktok channel from March 2022. After just over a year of building the channel, the couple has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers to their channel. It is known that the idea of ​​​​creating a Tiktok channel was from Chim. The reason why Chim wants to develop a Tiktok channel is because she wants to test the platform to build a channel for the company. So, her first videos did not have a definite direction of content development. During the stressful time of the Covid-19 epidemic, because there was a lot of time at home, Chim decided to focus on developing the Tiktok channel of Chim Mong House to have more income. Besides, she considers Tiktok as a place to keep her cute memories.
Chim is in charge of shooting and reviewing sub, technical, script and video editing is in charge of Mong. This Tiktoker couple works very well together. In addition, the Mong guy is also in charge of the comedy pieces of the video. Getting a lot of attention on the Tiktok platform also helps the Chim Mong couple have more jobs, especially making money from Booking. Income from creating content on Tiktok and advertising products has helped the Chim Mong couple have a good source of income.
Being a light maker. Creating content about the family segment, Chim Mong has determined that this content segment will have a lot of followers. Because, both think that family is an intimate content that anyone can do. And they have come up with a lot of ideas to make a difference for their channel, so that the audience can easily recognize their channel and love their channel. The more you create content about family, the more you realize that every family is different, so you don't need to act to make a difference, just be yourself. According to Chim, that's the way to make a difference and make a difference.

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When was Tiktok Chanel Mim Chong born?
Mim Chong founding day ?-?-2022 (at the age of 2).
Where is Tiktok Chanel Mim Chong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Mim Chong was born in Vietnam. is a Tiktok Chanel, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Mim Chong's global rank is 66078 and whose rank is 33 in list of famous Tiktok Chanel.
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Photo of Tiktoker couple who owns Mim Chong channel
Photo of Tiktoker couple who owns Mim Chong channel
Image of Mim Chong couple at a tourist destination
Image of Mim Chong couple at a tourist destination
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New image of Mim Chong couple

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Mim Chông 21/04/23 17:27
Mim Chông là kênh tiktok của cặp đôi là Huyền với Dũng

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