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Natasha Bassett

Living place: New York

Birthday: 21-10-1992 (30 years old)

Population of the world 1992: 5.441 billions

Global rank: #53013


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Actress Natasha Bassett profile

Who is Actress Natasha Bassett?
She is famous for her character Gloria DeLamour in the 2016 film Hail, Caesar! She also played regular roles on the TV show Rake and Camp. She successfully portrayed the character "Britney Spears" in the biopic Britney Ever After (2017). She created as well as directed the film Kite in 2013. Then, it was shown at many important film festivals. She was a part of Urban Ethos in 2022. She was part of the character Dixie Locke in the 2022 film Elvis.

Young / Before famous

Her acting career began at 14 when she was a part of Romeo and Juliet. At the age of 19, she was awarded an award for screenwriting through the ArtStart Screenwriters Program. The program led her to make her short film in 2013, The Kite.

Family life info

Her mother raised her in New South Wales.

Close relationship

Who is Boy friend/ husband/ darling Actress Natasha Bassett?
In 2022, she began with a man who was 22 years older than her, and he was the most successful billionaire of all time, Elon Musk.

Body measurements of

How tall is Actress Natasha Bassett? What Natasha Bassett's weight?
Height: 1.71m
Weight: 52 kg
Body Measurement:
Bust: 79cm
Waist: 61 cm
Hip: 84cm

Summary of Natasha Bassett profile

When was Actress Natasha Bassett born?
Natasha Bassett birthday 21-10-1992 (at the age of 30).
Where is Actress Natasha Bassett's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Natasha Bassett was born in Sydney, of Australia. Ms working and living in New York, of United States. Ms, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. Natasha Bassett's global rank is 53013 and whose rank is 1906 in list of famous Actress. Population of the world in 1992 is about 5.441 billions persons.
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Sexy girl Natasha Bassett
Sexy girl Natasha Bassett
Actor Natasha Bassett Portrait
Actor Natasha Bassett Portrait
Actor Natasha in the press conference
Actor Natasha in the press conference
Natasha Bassett's fiery charm
Natasha Bassett's fiery charm
Natasha Bassett and the richest billionaire in the world
Natasha Bassett and the richest billionaire in the world
Actor Natasha Bassett and Elon Musk dating pictures
Actor Natasha Bassett and Elon Musk dating pictures
Hot girl Elon Natasha Bassett
Hot girl Elon Natasha Bassett
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Events in 1992 and 21-10

Events in the world in the birth year of Natasha Bassett

  • Yugoslav Federation broken up (Jan. 15). US recognizes three former Yugoslav republics (April 7). UN expels Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia (Sept. 22).
  • Bush and Yeltsin proclaim a formal end to the Cold War (Feb. 1).
  • US lifts trade sanctions against China (Feb. 21).
  • General Manuel Noriega, former leader of Panama, convicted in US court (April 9) and sentenced to 40 years on drug charges (July 10).
  • Russian Parliament approves START treaty (Nov. 4).
  • US forces leave Philippines, ending nearly a century of American military presence (Nov. 24).
  • Czechoslovak Parliament approves separation into two nations (Nov. 25). Background: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • UN approves US-led force to guard food for Somalia (Dec. 3).
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) signed (Dec. 17).

Birthday Natasha Bassett (21-10) in history

  • Day 21-10 year 1797: The US Navy frigate "Old Ironsides" was launched in Boston Harbor.
  • Day 21-10 year 1805: Admiral Horatio Nelson died in the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • Day 21-10 year 1837: Seminole chief Osceola was captured as he carried a white flag of truce during the Second Seminole War.
  • Day 21-10 year 1879: Thomas Edison invented a workable incandescent electric lamp.
  • Day 21-10 year 1959: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, opened to the public in New York City.
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