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Sherlock Holmes

Living place: Luân Đôn

Birthday: ?-?-1858 (165 years old)

Global rank: #980


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Fictional characters Sherlock Holmes profile

Who is Fictional characters Sherlock Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character appearing in the story of writer Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is known to be a brilliant detective, both having the ability to reason. intelligence and good observation.
Sherlock Holmes lives at 221B Baker Street, London with her close friend Watson - a doctor, and Sherlock Holme biographer.
Sherlock Holme receives help from government officials such as: the child of Baker Street, Inspector Lestrade, Inspector Jones, Francois Le Villard, Gregson, Lestrade, Stanley Hopkins, Francois Le Villard.

Sherlock Holmes had a great enemy in the field of teachers. Monk James Moriarty. When these two clashed, they accidentally fell into the water. The author assumed that this character would die and ended the series about the detective Sherlock Holmes, but at the request of the audience, the character Sherlock Holmes came back and spoke out explaining that the character Sherlock Holmes was a fake death.

Sherlock Holmes is a detective who investigates cases scientifically. But in his place, Sherlock Holmes is considered messy. He threw everything from experiments to notes to even using morphine and cocaine. The image of Sherlock Holmes is that he is both breaking the security and smoking a pipe, he is a heavy smoker.

For him everything has nothing to do with the case he is indifferent and full of coldness. But in the investigation, Sherlock Holmes is amazingly deductive, he only makes cryptic remarks or conclusions, the arguments he uses are only revealed by him when he has solved the case. No matter how cruel or terrible the crime scene is, Sherlock Holmes still maintains a calm and calm attitude, he does not believe in superstition or strange situations.

However. Expressed as a cold person and seemingly lonely, emotionless, Sherlock Holmes has a very accurate view of the emotions of others. Even people with psychological problems, he can soothe them. But the weakness of Sherlock Holmes is that he despises the intelligence of women, the only one not despised by him is Irene Adler.


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John H. Watson is a close friend and Verner is a distant relative.

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When was Fictional characters Sherlock Holmes born?
Sherlock Holmes ?-?-1858 (at the age of 165).
Where is Fictional characters Sherlock Holmes's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Sherlock Holmes was born in Luân Đôn, of England. Mr, whose Zodiac is (don't know), and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Sherlock Holmes's global rank is 980 and whose rank is 16 in list of famous Fictional characters.
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