Hot girl Reency Ngo

Reency Ngo

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 1-12-2000 (22 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2000: 77,63 millions

Global rank: #300



Phone number: 0934 123 669

Hot girl Reency Ngo profile

Who is Hot girl Reency Ngo?
Reency Ngo's real name is Ngo Thuy Linh. She is a beautiful and talented student from Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema.
Reency Ngo owns a beautiful face with a high nose bridge, big round eyes and attractive thick lips. . It is because of that beauty that Reency Ngo has a predestined relationship with modeling work. She received many invitations to model, advertise, MV and represent many famous fashion brands. Therefore, outside of studying at Reency Ngo school, Ngo actively participates in modeling. This job is both a passion and helps Reency Ngo have interesting experiences as well as learn a lot of valuable experiences from posing and expressing confidence in front of the camera. It also gives Reency Ngo a significant income to cover the cost of living in expensive Saigon as well as paying for school fees.
Besides working as a photo model, Reency Ngo also participating in acting, Reency Ngo participated in a number of short story films premiered on Youtube such as Mask, Hey! Small class president and many short films Never look down on others on YouTube channel Sunsea. Reency Ngo went from supporting roles to leading roles and received a lot of praise for her roles. Acting work not only helps her gain experience for acting, but also helps hot girl Ha Thanh gain valuable experience, serving the artistic work that she is pursuing in the future.
Free time is also available. On the other hand, Reency Ngo spends her time practicing sports, she participates in martial arts and gym exercises to improve her health as well as keep her slim figure.
Reency Ngo shares more about her future plans. in the future that she will try to arrange a reasonable time so that she can study and work at the same time. The job makes Reency Ngo feel more mature and mature.
Like other friends of the same age, Reency Ngo has a hobby of beauty, traveling to explore the beautiful lands of the organization. country. If given the opportunity, she also wants to set foot in famous places in the world.

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Summary of Reency Ngo profile

When was Hot girl Reency Ngo born?
Reency Ngo birthday 1-12-2000 (at the age of 22).
Where is Hot girl Reency Ngo's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Reency Ngo was born in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Reency Ngo's global rank is 300 and whose rank is 11 in list of famous Hot girl. Population of Vietnam in 2000 is about 77,63 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Reency Ngo's beautiful face
Reency Ngo's beautiful face
 Reency Ngo is gentle in a long dress to welcome Tet
Reency Ngo is gentle in a long dress to welcome Tet
 Reency Ngo shows off her sexy bare shoulders
Reency Ngo shows off her sexy bare shoulders
 Reency Ngo shows off her hot bust with bikini
Reency Ngo shows off her hot bust with bikini

Reency Ngo ranking


Gia An 09/06/22 13:03
quá xinh

fan gãy 07/06/22 8:51
reency ngô xấu quá

võ nguyễn lê na 01/05/22 22:17
cj xinh ghe

lê na võ nguyễn 01/05/22 22:16
trông cj xinh xắn quá

Reency Ngô 08/04/22 12:09
Cảm ơn những bình luận tốt đẹp của các bạn nha, những bình luận tiêu cực thì mình sẽ tiếp thu và sửa đổi trong tương lai nghen ^^

WONI392 21/03/22 9:03

Thu Trang 20/03/22 13:57
Chào chị chị xinh quá ước gì em đc gặp cj ngoài đời thật nhỉ chị nhỉ

Huỳnh Ngọc Phương Linh 20/02/22 8:33
chị đẹp quá

??? 07/02/22 20:57
khong biet noi gi cả. binh luan cho vui

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Events in 2000 and 1-12

Events in the world in the birth year of Reency Ngo

  • Austria at center of European dispute after conservative People's Party forms coalition with the far-right Freedom Party, headed by xenophobe Jörg Haider (Feb. 3).
  • Reformists win control of Iranian parliament for first time since 1979 Islamic revolution (Feb. 26).
  • Governing of Northern Ireland passes back and forth between Britain and nascent Northern Irish parliament; major dispute over IRA's refusal to disarm (Feb-May).
  • Former Indonesian president Suharto under house arrest, charged with corruption and abuse of power (May 29).
  • Presidents of North and South Korea sign peace accord, and at least symbolically, end a half-century of antagonism (June 13).
  • Vicente Fox Quesada elected president of Mexico, ending 71 years of one-party rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) (July 2).
  • Concorde crash kills 113 near Paris (July 25).
  • Palestinians and Israelis clash, spurred by visit of right-wing Israeli leader Ariel Sharon to a joint Jewish/Muslim holy site; "Al Aksa intifada" continues unabated (Sept. 30 et seq.).
  • Nationwide uprising overthrows Yugoslavian president Milosevic (Oct. 5); Vojislav Kostunica sworn in as president (Oct. 7).
  • U.S. sailors on Navy destroyer Cole die in Yemen terrorist explosion (Oct. 12).
  • Mad cow disease alarms Europe (Nov. 30 et seq.).
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Birthday Reency Ngo (1-12) in history

  • Day 1-12 year 1824: The presidential election between John Q. Adams, Andrew Jackson, William Crawford, and Henry Clay was turned over to the House of Representatives due to the lack of an electoral-vote majority.
  • Day 1-12 year 1887: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes appeared for the first time in print in the story "A Study in Scarlet."
  • Day 1-12 year 1955: Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her front-section bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, Ala.
  • Day 1-12 year 1959: Twelve nations, including the United States, signed a treaty setting aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve free from military activity.
  • Day 1-12 year 1997: Representatives from more than 150 countries gathered at a global warming summit in Kyoto, Japan, and over the course of ten days forged an agreement to control the emission of greenhouse gases. President Bush pulled the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol in 2001.
  • Day 1-12 year 1998: Exxon and Mobil agreed to merge, creating the world's largest corporation.
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