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Nguyen Thu Trang

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 25-10-1999 (23 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1999: 76,6 millions

Global rank: #54841



Phone number: updating

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Who is Hotface Nguyen Thu Trang?
Hotface Nguyen Thu Trang, born in 1999, currently lives and works at TP. Ho Chi Minh. Possessing a beautiful face and a body of "thousands of people", she has "shaken" netizens recently.
The 9X hotgirl is admired by netizens for her sharp beauty, attractive. Possessing a delicate face and a hot body, her pictures on her personal Facebook page have received huge interactions with a lot of likes and comments, most of which are winged compliments for the beauty. beautiful color. Personal Facebook of Thu Trang currently owns more than 45 thousand followers.
Possessing a seductive and sexy beauty along with a passion for photography, Thu Trang feels very confident in front of the camera. Even at work, the advantage of appearance is what makes her easier in each set of photos and poses. On her personal page, she often posts many fashion pictures in a glamorous style. Thu Trang often chooses outfits that show off her strong body, or performs many impressive fashion sets. Regardless of her feminine image or personality, flattering clothes are always her first choice.
Thu Trang also has many interests such as traveling, eating, .. In particular, she loves sports such as gymnastics, swimming... Perhaps this is the secret to her current body shape. In addition, the hot girl 9X is also a fan of moto and PKL vehicles. That is enough to understand her personality, a very personality girl.
In the near future Thu Trang wants to hone her skills and experience to try her hand at the role. photo model. Each appearance with a different image is an opportunity for Trang to show her artistic colors. She also won't stop learning; cultivate and try to find for themselves more opportunities for further development. Besides, becoming a successful businessman is her long-time dream. Hope Thu Trang hotface will achieve more success with her plans.

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When was Hotface Nguyen Thu Trang born?
Nguyen Thu Trang birthday 25-10-1999 (at the age of 23).
Where is Hotface Nguyen Thu Trang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nguyen Thu Trang was born in Thai Binh, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Nguyen Thu Trang's global rank is 54841 and whose rank is 182 in list of famous Hotface. Population of Vietnam in 1999 is about 76,6 millions persons.
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Portrait of hotface Nguyen Thu Trang
Portrait of hotface Nguyen Thu Trang
 9X hotgirl possesses a sharp and attractive beauty
9X hotgirl possesses a sharp and attractive beauty
 Thu Trang poses a seductive figure on PKL moto
Thu Trang poses a seductive figure on PKL moto

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Events in 1999 and 25-10

Events in the world in the birth year of Nguyen Thu Trang

  • Russian president Boris Yeltsin survives impeachment hearings (May), reshuffles his cabinet twice (May, Aug.), and takes military action against Islamic separatists in Dagestan and Chechnya. Background: 1999 in Review.
  • Nelson Mandela, first black president of South Africa, steps down (June 16), and Thabo Mbeki takes over.
  • War erupts in Kosovo after Yugoslavia's president Slobodan Milosevic clamps down on the province, massacring and deporting ethnic Albanians. NATO begins Operation Allied Force on March 24, 1999, launching air strikes against Belgrade for 78 consecutive days until Milosevic relents. Background: Timeline: The Splintering of Kosovo and Timeline: NATO in Kosovo.
  • Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills more than 15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless in Turkey (Aug. 17).
  • East Timor population votes for independence from Indonesia (Aug. 30, 1999), which causes pro-Indonesian forces to massacre and uproot thousands of East Timorese.
  • Pakistani government is overthrown in the midst of economic strife and intensified fighting with India over Kashmir (Oct. 12). Background: 1999 in Review.
  • The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug, with more drastic millennial theorists warning of Armageddon.
  • See also: 1999 Year in Review: News of the World

Birthday Nguyen Thu Trang (25-10) in history

  • Day 25-10 year 1400: British poet, philosopher, civil servant, judge, and diplomat Geoffrey Chaucer has passed away in London.
  • Day 25-10 year 1415:
    The Battle of Agincourt was typical in England and France's Hundred Years' War.
  • Day 25-10 year 1760: King George III of Great Britain is crowned King of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Day 25-10 year 1854: The Charge of the Light Brigade took place at Balaklava during the Crimean War.
  • Day 25-10 year 1962: John Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • Day 25-10 year 1971: The U.N. General Assembly voted to admit mainland China and expel Taiwan.
  • Day 25-10 year 1983: The United States invaded the Caribbean nation of Grenada.
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