Comedian Thu Trang

Thu Trang

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 23-9-1984 (39 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1984: 57,69 millions

Global rank: #49


Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0915 505 539

Comedian Thu Trang profile

Who is Comedian Thu Trang?
Thu Trang is no longer a strange name for Vietnamese audiences. She is one of the most popular comedians today. She began to be known to the public through her roles in TV series such as: Autumn Love Story, Purple Scorpion... Thu Trang was also given a lovely title "Miss Comedy" by the audience. She is also one of the few famous actors to build an image by an "orthodox" path.
In 2015, Thu Trang appeared in the program "Thank God you are here!" as a guest. . She overcame 3 other guests to win the program's medal. In 2016, she and her artist husband Tien Luat were invited to be coaches of the comedy show "Duel" joke school". She is loved by many audiences with her new role. Also in 2016, she participated in the program "Contesting amateurs" broadcast on channel THVL1. In this show, comedian Thu Trang and her co-star Huu Quoc won with the performance "Death to the Ca".
Recently, on November 3, comedian Thu Trang was hospitalized in a state of emergency. Excessive nosebleeds that cannot be stopped. Right after that, the image of Thu Trang lying on a hospital bed with an emaciated and tired face made many fans sad. Before the news that Thu Trang had to be hospitalized urgently, many Vietnamese artists were surprised and worried about the comedian's health. Artists such as: artist Hoai Linh, Cat Phuong, Tran Thanh, Hari Won, Le Phuong , Kha Nhu, hotgirl Thuy Top... sent Thu Trang greetings and wished her a speedy recovery.
Recently, Thu Trang and Tien Luat have decided to invest in the restaurant industry. Not long after opening the restaurant, the couple showed a photo of buying a billion-dollar box, causing netizens to "fever". The car with the couple "Miss Comedy Village" is a locally assembled Mercedes-Benz E 300 2017 CKD, worth about 2.8 billion VND.

Young / Before famous

In 2001 she entered the College of Theater–Cinema. Thu Trang both goes to school and works to have money to pay tuition, although she receives 10–15 thousand dong for every night she runs the show.

Family life info

Currently, Thu Trang is living a happy life with her husband, comedian Tien Luat, and son Andy.

Close relationship

Who is Boy friend/ husband/ darling Comedian Thu Trang?
Comedian Thu Trang and comedian Truong Giang are judges of the show "Treasure Arena" .

Body measurements of

How tall is Comedian Thu Trang? What Thu Trang's weight?
Height: 167cm
Weight: about 48kg
Three measurements: updating

Summary of Thu Trang profile

When was Comedian Thu Trang born?
Thu Trang birthday 23-9-1984 (at the age of 39).
Where is Comedian Thu Trang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Thu Trang was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Thu Trang's global rank is 49 and whose rank is 1 in list of famous Comedian. Population of Vietnam in 1984 is about 57,69 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Personal image of female comedian Thu Trang
Personal image of female comedian Thu Trang
 Comedian Thu Trang shows off her sharp beauty
Comedian Thu Trang shows off her sharp beauty
 Female artist Thu Trang shows off photos taken with her husband - Comedian Tien Luat and son
Female artist Thu Trang shows off photos taken with her husband - Comedian Tien Luat and son
 Thu Trang is happy with her husband and Son
Thu Trang is happy with her husband and Son
The latest picture of Comedian Thu Trang
The latest picture of Comedian Thu Trang

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Events in 1984 and 23-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Thu Trang

  • Syria frees captured US Navy pilot, Lieut. Robert C. Goodman, Jr. (Jan. 3).
  • US and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus (Jan. 10).
  • Reagan orders US Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force (Feb. 7).
  • Yuri V. Andropov dies at 69; Konstantin U. Chernenko, 72, named Soviet leader (Feb. 9). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Italy and Vatican agree to end Roman Catholicism as state religion (Feb. 18).
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  • José Napoleón Duarte, moderate, elected president of El Salvador (May 11).
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  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards; 1,000 killed in anti-Sikh riots; son Rajiv succeeds her (Oct. 31).
  • Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000 (Dec. 3).

Birthday Thu Trang (23-9) in history

  • Day 23-9 year 1779: Navy Captain John Paul Jones declared, "I haven't started fighting yet!" on board the American warship Bonhomme Richard in the battle against the British warrior Serapis.
  • Day 23-9 year 1806: Explorers Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis after a three-year journey to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Day 23-9 year 1846: German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.
  • Day 23-9 year 1939: Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, died in London.
  • Day 23-9 year 1952: Vice presidential candidate Richard Nixon delivered his "Checkers speech" rebutting charges of improper campaign financing.
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  • Day 23-9 year 2011: Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas officially requests a bid for statehood at the UN Security Council.
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