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Working place: Vietnam

Founding day: 17-6-2022 (1 years old)

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Who is Movie Em Va Trinh?
Em and Trinh is a movie directed by Phan Gia Nhat Linh, inspired by the life story of the late musician Trinh Cong Son. The film received nominations in the biggest category of the Blue Star and Golden Plum Award. The movie has the participation of the following cast: Avin Lu, Tran Luc Meritorious Artist, Pham Nguyen Lan Thy , Hoang Ha, Pham Nhat Linh, Bui Lan Huong, People's Artist Trong Trinh, Nakatari Akani....
March 2019, film production company Galaxy Play announced, director Phan Gia Nhat Linh will direct Em and Trinh. In October 2020, the film crew held the opening ceremony and started filming in November of the same year. The background of the film was filmed at Da Lat, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and some other places. The film crewEm and Trinh ended filming in March 2021. It is known that the initial budget of the film was expected to be 40 billion VND, but then the cost increased to 50 billion VND.
Initially, the author The movie Em and Trinh was scheduled to premiere in time for Christmas 2021. However, due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the film was postponed to April 2022, and finally the movie officially released on June 17, 2022. After 3 weeks in theaters, the movie Em and Trinh has reached the revenue milestone of VND 100 billion, becoming a movie Vietnam is the most popular since the beginning of 2021 until that time.
Although it was quite successful at the box office in the early stages of its release, Em and Trinh received many positive comments. mixed opinions from experts and audiences. The film is controversial because the character's image construction is much different from the prototype. Specifically, singer Khanh Ly once shared that she did not agree with the scenes of her character in the movie. like "putting yogurt for Trinh Cong Son", going to find the late musician and then hugging him. The singer also affirmed that her whole life she respected the musician Trinh Cong Son like her father, so she could not have movie-like actions.

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When was Movie Em Va Trinh born?
Em Va Trinh founding day 17-6-2022 (at the age of 1).
Where is Movie Em Va Trinh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Em Va Trinh was born in Vietnam. is a Movie, whose Zodiac is Gemini, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger. Em Va Trinh's global rank is 5647 and whose rank is 74 in list of famous Movie.
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Pictures of the movie Em and Trinh
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A scene from the movie Em and Trinh

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  • Day 17-6 year 1775: The Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the siege of Boston at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.
  • Day 17-6 year 1885: The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City aboard the French ship Isere.
  • Day 17-6 year 1928: Amelia Earhart embarked on the first trans-Atlantic flight by a woman.
  • Day 17-6 year 1944: The Republic of Iceland was established.
  • Day 17-6 year 1963: U.S. Supreme Court ruled that no locality may require recitation of Lord's Prayer or Bible verses in public schools.
  • Day 17-6 year 1972: Burglary of Democratic Party headquarters in Washington, DC, started the Watergate political scandal.
  • Day 17-6 year 1994: O. J. Simpson's slow-speed chase by the police, watched by millions on TV, ended in his arrest.
  • Day 17-6 year 2002: Australian scientists announced that they had "teleported" a laser beam—breaking it up and reconstructing it in another location.
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