Performer Minh Anh

Minh Anh

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 4-12-1984 (39 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1984: 57,69 millions

Global rank: #21492


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Performer Minh Anh profile

Who is Performer Minh Anh?
Minh Anh full name is Nguyen Minh Anh, is an actor who has impressed with many movies television programs such as "Anti-Embarrassment Campaign", "The Robber General", "Long-legged girls"... After the success of the movie "Long-legged girls", actor Minh has become much more famous. . This is also the time when he decided to turn to the singing field. However, this decision of Minh caused his image to fade in the media.
Minh Anh has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years now. It wasn't a very long distance, but in that time he had laid out his plan for himself. Currently, Minh Anh is doing business for a company specializing in children's toys. In terms of acting, he only occasionally accepts a role because he is very picky about movies, must match the role and have charm, then he tries to spend time acting. As a self-contained person, Minh Anh also rarely appears in events or in the press. With Minh Anh, he just likes to silently dedicate himself to the arts, in his opinion that is the genuineness of the artist.
In the sitcom "Anti-evil campaign", this actor takes on the role. Ken is an LGBT guy. When receiving this role, Minh Anh realized that this is a very special character, with a warm heart, an overflowing affection, always appearing at the right time and sacrificing himself for his friends. After the first broadcast, "Campaign against laziness" has really attracted a lot of attention from a large audience. The movie really caused a fever thanks to the beautiful young actors such as: Si Thanh, Yaya Truong Nhi, Dieu Nhi, Lam Vinh Hai, Quang Dang, Ho Vinh Khoa, Ha Viet Dung, Hieu Nguyen , Quang Bao, Son Ngoc Minh....
Minh Anh also tried with the program Sasuke Vietnam. This year, Minh Anh continues to participate in this program as a guest. He is also the only guest to pass a stage. The appearance of this actor made many viewers very excited, they cheered for him enthusiastically and he did not disappoint the audience when he completed a full stage.

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Summary of Minh Anh profile

When was Performer Minh Anh born?
Minh Anh birthday 4-12-1984 (at the age of 39).
Where is Performer Minh Anh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Minh Anh was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Minh Anh's global rank is 21492 and whose rank is 425 in list of famous Performer. Population of Vietnam in 1984 is about 57,69 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Portrait photo of actor Minh Anh
Portrait photo of actor Minh Anh
A photo of actor Minh Anh and singer Sy Thanh
A photo of actor Minh Anh and singer Sy Thanh
A photo of actor Minh Anh and model Tra Ngoc Hang at an event
A photo of actor Minh Anh and model Tra Ngoc Hang at an event
Watching the romantic look of actor Minh Anh
Watching the romantic look of actor Minh Anh
Actor Minh Anh joins Sasuke season three
Actor Minh Anh joins Sasuke season three
 Latest pictures of actor Minh Anh
Latest pictures of actor Minh Anh

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Events in 1984 and 4-12

Events in the world in the birth year of Minh Anh

  • Syria frees captured US Navy pilot, Lieut. Robert C. Goodman, Jr. (Jan. 3).
  • US and Vatican exchange diplomats after 116-year hiatus (Jan. 10).
  • Reagan orders US Marines withdrawn from Beirut international peacekeeping force (Feb. 7).
  • Yuri V. Andropov dies at 69; Konstantin U. Chernenko, 72, named Soviet leader (Feb. 9). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • Italy and Vatican agree to end Roman Catholicism as state religion (Feb. 18).
  • Soviet Union withdraws from summer Olympic games in US, and other bloc nations follow (May 7 et seq.).
  • José Napoleón Duarte, moderate, elected president of El Salvador (May 11).
  • Three hundred slain as Indian Army occupies Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar (June 6).
  • Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards; 1,000 killed in anti-Sikh riots; son Rajiv succeeds her (Oct. 31).
  • Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000 (Dec. 3).

Birthday Minh Anh (4-12) in history

  • Day 4-12 year 1783: George Washington delivered his farewell address to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.
  • Day 4-12 year 1816: James Monroe of Virginia was elected (by electors) the fifth president of the United States.
  • Day 4-12 year 1875: William Marcy "Boss" Tweed of New York's Tammany Hall escaped from jail and fled the country.
  • Day 4-12 year 1945: The Senate approved U.S. participation in the United Nations.
  • Day 4-12 year 1978: Dianne Feinstein became San Francisco's first female mayor.
  • Day 4-12 year 1991: Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson is released after seven years as a hostage in Lebanon.
  • Day 4-12 year 1993: Rock musician and composer Frank Zappa died at age 52.
  • Day 4-12 year 2003: Interpol put the former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, on its most-wanted list.
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