Rapper Double2t


Living place: Tuyen Quang

Birthday: 14-4-1996 (27 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1996: 73,16 millions

Global rank: #742

Facebook: facebook.com/Double2TNguoiMienNuiChat

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0788 355 887

Rapper Double2t profile

Who is Rapper Double2t?
Double2T (nickname Mountain Man, real name Bui Xuan Truong) is the Champion Rap Viet season 3. Tay ethnic rapper has a burning passion for Rap music. Double2T's pure "mountain man" quality made a strong impression on the audience. He won overwhelmingly with a combined percentage of 29.19%. Double2T is also the owner of the hit "Ah Loi" that made waves on social networks, Top 1 Trending Youtube.
Journey "from Zero to Hero" at Rap Viet by Double2T has a unique musical color. He thoroughly uses musical materials typical of the northern mountainous peoples, skillfully combining them with Hip Hop. Besides, Double2T also incorporates the unique characteristics of mountainous people into their songs, from costumes, culture to even local words. All of these elements show Double2T's love for his homeland, and at the same time help the name "Mountain Man" become special in the hearts of the audience.
Double2T is the only contestant to be "saved" twice before being crowned Champion. He is known as the "Yellow Hat Hunter". Double2T conquered Vietnamese Rap with their efforts, breakthroughs, modern musical thinking and especially the love that "ban boys" have for their homeland.
Right from the moment they appeared in the Conquest round , Double2T impressed with the Rap song "Mountain Sounds" imbued with the identity of mountainous ethnic people. He was chosen by 2 coaches and 80% of the audience's votes.
In the second round, Double2T faced off against contestant Lor in the performance "Grains of Rice Vietnam". Double2T was eliminated but received the coach's Golden Hat BigDaddy to move on to the next round.
In the Breakthrough round, the young Tay Rapper brought an explosive performance with the song "Quality Mountain People". Double2T's performance, considered the best, proved that BigDaddy's decision was completely correct. Although they could not defeat contestant Mikelodic, Double2T once again received the Golden Hat for entering the final round from the judge JustaTee .
On the final night, Double2T continued to shine with the story of catching his wife on stage. His performance received a shower of compliments from judges, coaches and audiences.
The young rapper's stage name Doube2T Tuyen Quang is quite interesting. The guy shared: "Double2T means 22T. In which, 22 is the license plate symbol Tuyen province Quang, and the letter T means Truong, Double2T's real name".

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Summary of Double2t profile

When was Rapper Double2t born?
Double2t birthday 14-4-1996 (at the age of 27).
Where is Rapper Double2t's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Double2t was born in Tuyen Quang, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Aries, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rat. Double2t's global rank is 742 and whose rank is 6 in list of famous Rapper. Population of Vietnam in 1996 is about 73,16 millions persons.
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Rapper Double2T has a burning passion for Rap music
Rapper Double2T has a burning passion for Rap music
Rapper Double2T is the Vietnamese Rap Champion season 3
Rapper Double2T is the Vietnamese Rap Champion season 3
Rapper Double2T's song has its own color
Rapper Double2T's song has its own color

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Events in 1996 and 14-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Double2t

  • Chechens capture 2,000 Russians (Jan. 9). Chechnya peace treaty signed (May 27).
  • France agrees to end nuclear testing (Jan. 29). Background: nuclear disarmament
  • Britain alarmed by an outbreak of "mad cow" disease (March 20 et seq.).
  • UN tribunal charges war crimes by Bosnian Muslims and Croats (March 22). Nations pledge $1.23 billion in aid to rebuild Bosnia (April 22).
  • South Africa gets new constitution (May 8).
  • Israel elects Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister (May 31).
  • Iraqis strike at Kurdish enclave (Aug. 31); after warning, US attacks Iraq's southern air defenses (Sept. 2–3).
  • Militant Taliban leaders seize Afghan capital of Kabul (Sept. 27).
  • Ethnic violence breaks out in Zairian refugee camps (Oct. 13); Clinton approves plan for UN-backed relief mission for 1.2 million Hutu refugees starving in eastern Zaire (Nov. 13). Hundreds of thousands return to Rwanda (Nov. 15–18).

Birthday Double2t (14-4) in history

  • Day 14-4 year 1775: Former US treasury governor Benjamin Rush was one of the founders of America's first anti-slavery society.
  • Day 14-4 year 1828: Noah Webster copyrighted the first edition of his dictionary.
  • Day 14-4 year 1860: The first pony express rider reached his destination of San Francisco. He left St. Joseph, Mo., on April 3.
  • Day 14-4 year 1865: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.
  • Day 14-4 year 1894: The first kinetoscope parlor opened in New York City.
  • Day 14-4 year 1912: Titanic hit the iceberg that would sink her the next morning.
  • Day 14-4 year 1969: In a record breaking night at the Academy Awards, a tie between Katherine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand resulted in the two sharing the the Best Actress Oscar and Hepburn broke the record as the only actress to win three Best Actress Oscars.
  • Day 14-4 year 2002: Hugo Chávez returned as president of Venezuela after being forced out of office two days previously.
  • Day 14-4 year 2003: Abu Abbas, the leader of the terrorist group Palestine Liberation Front when the group hijacked the liner Achille Lauro, was captured by U.S. forces in Iraq.
  • Day 14-4 year 2010: An explosion in the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland results in a volcanic ash plume in the atmosphere over northern and central Europe. Air travel in the region is halted for several days.
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