Comedy actor Nhat Cuong

Nhat Cuong

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 10-9-1965 (57 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1965: 38,34 millions

Global rank: #17614


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Comedy actor Nhat Cuong profile

Who is Comedy actor Nhat Cuong?
Nhat Cuong's real name is Vo Nhut Cuong, is a famous comedian, film actor and author, theater and film director in Vietnam.
Because she is a fan of Charlie Chaplin, Nhat Cuong signed up for a mime class at Children's Culture House Khanh Hoa province so he was gifted with mime and art since childhood
Closed comedy list:
1. Recruiting singers
2. Old man
3. Root cocoon
4. Kind Brother Tu
5. Magical clock hands
6. Debt of grace
7. Betrayer
8. I will marry you in January
9. Neighborhood God
10. Love station
11. Love that guy
12. the unexpected
13. The case of 2,000 days
14. Cow case
15. Egg theft case
16. Right to Judgment
17. Thunder Dance
18. Roast pork oven
19. Miss Hundred Years
20. Dear Mom
21. Rose Melodies
22. The 9th Oath
23. Thi Mau's injustice
24. I'm unlucky and you're unlucky
25. Polite people
26. Disillusionment
27. Gossip
28. Live show Smile to remember 1: The ghost theme
29. Live show Laugh to Remember 2: Romantic sleep patterns
30. live show Laugh to remember 3: ghost topic 2
31. live show Smile to remember 4
32. Smile to remember Spring smile 2014
33. smile to remember the spring smile of 2016
34. Musical comedy album "Cute acne face"
35. My wife number one
36. The first god to see
37. Happy house
38. Studying abroad
39. Wine
40. Lucky taxi
41. Obsessed with a narrow alley
42. Garden wedding
43. Who's better!
44. Marrying a Foreign Husband
45. Ducks
46. ​​Uncle Ba Phi
47. Why I'm Crazy
48. Cyclo "sowing wind, reaping treasure"
49. Tommy Teo
50. Who's dumb?
51. Pork status
52. Rose of Thorns
53. The ship to heaven
54. Black White Prince
55. Brother is funny
56. Don't play with love
57. Crazy era
58. The fallen hero
59. Ghost
Movies participated:
1. Secretly lost "theatrical movie" (2013)
2. Princess Qin "30 episodes TV series" (2014)
3. Dad didn't cry '30-episode drama' (2015)
4. Love her Miss "cinema" (1993)
5. Abyss of love"theatrical film" (1991)
6. The fierce love "theatrical film" (1989)
7. Tears of students "theatrical film" (1992)
8. Body swap "theatrical film" (2011)
9. Treasure hunt "35-episode TV series" (2011)
10. Returning to the homeland "31 episodes TV series" (2012)
11. Love you! do you dare? "theatrical film" (2012)
12. Billionaire "theatrical movie" (2013)
13. Crazy girl "theatrical movie" (1995)
14. Martial arts legend "theatrical film" (2007)
15. Beauty and fame" 46 episodes TV series (2010)
16. Great-grandfather epiphany "TV series" (2012)
17. Fluffy Angel"54-episode TV series" (2009)
18. Vietnamese fairy: Invisibility cloak "television"
19. Surprised "theatrical film" (1986)
20. Bitter taste of love "theatrical film" (1987)
21. Wanted warrant for 2 "theatrical films" (1990)
22. Next year I will return to "theatrical movies" (2013)
23. Fairy tales of the @ "TV series" (2013)
24. Music album "Lifetime with you 10" (by singer Ly Hai) (2008)
25. Mr and Mrs Nguyet "a 30-episode TV series" (2013)
26. Rainbow after the rain "30 episodes TV series" (2011)
27. Immensely sad "movie in theaters" (1998)
28. Rose bush "theatrical film" (1997)
29. Me and Michael "theatrical movie" (1994)
Directed by:
1. Live show Ly Hai "All my life with you 2014"
2. Theatrical film *The secret is lost again" in 2014
3. comedy and musical series of Rang Dong Music Center
4. musical and comedy series of Hoa Bien Music Center
5. Comedy and musical series of Trung Tan Band and Literature Village
6. comedy series of TV stations
7. Theatrical film "Crazy Girl" in 1995...
8. the movie alluvial roads "2000"
9. Liveshow Nhat Cuong: Smile to remember 1-the ghost theme
10. Liveshow Nhat Cuong: Smile to remember 2 - Romantic sleep patterns
11. Nhat Cuong Liveshow: Smile to remember 3 - ghost topic 2
12. Nhat Cuong Liveshow: Smile to remember 4
13. Nhat Cuong smiles to remember Spring smile 2014
14. Nhat Cuong smiles to remember Spring smile 2016
15. comedy album "Cute acne face"

Young / Before famous

He was born in a family where no one followed the arts, his parents lived by trading.
In 1984, he entered the University of Theater and Cinema Ho Chi Minh City and studied until 1988. then graduate.

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Summary of Nhat Cuong profile

When was Comedy actor Nhat Cuong born?
Nhat Cuong birthday 10-9-1965 (at the age of 57).
Where is Comedy actor Nhat Cuong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Nhat Cuong was born in Khanh Hoa, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Virgo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Snake. Nhat Cuong's global rank is 17614 and whose rank is 10 in list of famous Comedy actor. Population of Vietnam in 1965 is about 38,34 millions persons.
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Portrait of Comedian Nhat Cuong
Portrait of Comedian Nhat Cuong
 Nhat Cuong- Famous comedian Khanh Hoa- Vietnam
Nhat Cuong- Famous comedian Khanh Hoa- Vietnam

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Events in 1965 and 10-9

Events in the world in the birth year of Nhat Cuong

  • The first US combat troops arrive in Vietnam. By the end of the year, 190,000 American soldiers are in Vietnam. Background: Vietnam War
  • US Marines land in the Dominican Republic as fighting persists between rebels and Dominican army (April 28).
  • France withdraws its Atlantic fleet from NATO.
  • Rhodesia unilaterally declares its independence from Britain (Nov. 11).

Birthday Nhat Cuong (10-9) in history

  • Day 10-9 year 1813: Commander Oliver Hazard Perry delivered his famous message, "We have met the enemy, and they are ours," after defeating the British at the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
  • Day 10-9 year 1846: Elias Howe of Massachusetts received a patent for his sewing machine.
  • Day 10-9 year 1939: Canada declared war on Germany, entering WWII.
  • Day 10-9 year 1963: Twenty black students entered public schools in Birmingham, Mobile, and Tuskegee, Alabama, after President John F. Kennedy sent National Guardsman to end the standoff with Alabama Governor George Wallace.
  • Day 10-9 year 1988: Steffi Graf achieved tennis' first Grand Slam since Margaret Court in 1970 by winning the U.S. Open women's final.
  • Day 10-9 year 2002: Switzerland became the 190th member of the United Nations.
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