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Thien Khiem

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 18-3-2001 (21 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2001: 78,62 millions

Global rank: #28529



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Who is MC Thien Khiem?
Thien Khiem's ​​full name is Nguyen Thien Khiem, is a hot Tiktoker known by many people. Not only possessing a handsome and scholarly appearance, Thien Khiem also has a great academic record. The original 2K1 guy Nghe An is currently studying at RMIT University - a prestigious school in Ho Chi Minh City. The guy used to be a typical student of the English class of the Gifted High School Phan Boi Chau, Nghe An .

Thien Khiem is ranked among the most influential gen Z by the online community today. The guy from Nghe An has won awards at many English contests and was called "Hot boy HSG" by fans. The achievements that Thien Khiem has achieved: Third Prize of National Excellent Student in English in the 2017-2018 school year, First Prize of Provincial Excellent Student in English in the 2017-2018 school year, First Prize of the English Olympiad last year. Internet (IOE) at National level for the 2016-2017 school year. This 2K guy also easily achieved an IELTS score of 8.0 on the first test. Only in the first test got a score of 8.0 IELTS, which is something that many people admire.

This Gen Z Tiktoker was born into a family whose mother is an English teacher. Therefore, since childhood, Thien Khiem had the advantage of being exposed to English very early. When he went to school, he always got good grades in English. IELTS Face-off or 8IELTS is the launching pad of many famous MCs such as Nguyen Lam Thao Tam, Dang Tran Tung, Khanh Vy... In season 5 of the show 8IELTS, Thien Khiem is the host. Along with the hot girl Thao Tam, Thien Khiem brought the audience to discover new lands with themes. new. Thien Khiem is also the youngest MC at VTV today.

On July 5, 2020, the book "English is not difficult, don't frown" by Thien Khiem and MC Khanh Vy was officially released. presented. The book is divided into 6 main parts: Speak English confidently; Preparation for the 10th grade exam and the National High School Exam; How to learn and remember vocabulary effectively; Loss of original learning what? ; Preparing for the National Excellent Student Exam; IELTS Exam Preparation. The content of the book is the actual combat experience of Thien Khiem and Khanh Vy.

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When was MC Thien Khiem born?
Thien Khiem birthday 18-3-2001 (at the age of 21).
Where is MC Thien Khiem's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Thien Khiem was born in Nghe An, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Snake. Thien Khiem's global rank is 28529 and whose rank is 63 in list of famous MC. Population of Vietnam in 2001 is about 78,62 millions persons.
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Portrait of MC Thien Khiem
Portrait of MC Thien Khiem
Picture of MC Thien Khiem in a trip
Picture of MC Thien Khiem in a trip
Thien Khiem is currently the youngest MC of VTV
Thien Khiem is currently the youngest MC of VTV
Latest photo of MC Thien Khiem
Latest photo of MC Thien Khiem

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Events in 2001 and 18-3

Events in the world in the birth year of Thien Khiem

  • Congo president Laurent Kabila assassinated by bodyguard (Jan. 16). Son Joseph Kabila takes over amid continuing civil war.
  • Ariel Sharon wins election in Israel (Feb. 6). Right-wing leader chosen overwhelmingly as nation's fifth prime minister in just over five years during worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in years. Background: Middle East.
  • The long-simmering resentment of Macedonia's ethnic Albanians erupts into violence in March. The rebels seek greater autonomy within Macedonia. After six months of fighting, a peace agreement is signed (Aug. 13). British-led NATO forces enter the country and disarm the guerrillas. Background: Macedonia and the Balkans.
  • U.S. spy plane and Chinese jet collide (April 2); Sino-American relations deteriorate during a standoff. The 24 crew members of the U.S. plane were detained for 11 days and released after the U.S. issued a formal statement of regret.
  • Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic is delivered to UN tribunal in The Hague to await war-crime trial (June 29).
  • Without U.S., 178 nations reach agreement on climate accord, which rescues, though dilutes, 1997 Kyoto Protocol (July 23).
  • In response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. and British forces launch bombing campaign on Taliban government and al-Qaeda terrorist camps in Afghanistan (Oct. 7). Bombings continue on a daily basis. Background: Afghanistan.
  • Irish Republican Army announces that it has begun to dismantle its weapons arsenal, marking a dramatic leap forward in Northern Ireland peace process (Oct. 23). Background: Northern Ireland Primer.
  • At a UN-sponsored summit in Bonn, Germany, Afghani factions meet to create a post-Taliban government (Nov. 27). Hamid Karzai is selected as head of the transitional government (Dec. 5). Background: Who's Who in Afghanistan.
  • Taliban regime in Afghanistan collapses after two months of bombing by American warplanes and fighting by Northern Alliance ground troops (Dec. 9).
  • Israel condemns the Palestinian Authority as a "terror-supporting entity" and severs ties with leader Yasir Arafat following mounting violence against Israelis (Dec. 3). The Israeli Army begins bombing Palestinian areas. Background: Middle East.

Birthday Thien Khiem (18-3) in history

  • Day 18-3 year 1584: Russian tsar Ivan IV, or "Ivan, the tyrant", died in Moscow, Russia, at 53.
  • Day 18-3 year 1766: Britain repealed the American Colonial Stamp Act after months of protests from the Americans.
  • Day 18-3 year 1925: The most violent single tornado in U.S. history, the “Tri-State Tornado,” hit Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois, killing 689 people and injuring 13,000 others.
  • Day 18-3 year 1963: The Supreme Court held in Gideon v. Wainwright that public defenders must be provided for indigent defendants in felony cases.
  • Day 18-3 year 1965: Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov made the first spacewalk.
  • Day 18-3 year 1967: The oil tanker Torrey Canyon was wrecked off the Cornish coast of England, spilling 919,000 barrels of oil into the sea.
  • Day 18-3 year 1990: The biggest art theft in U.S. history occurs at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The works, including pieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt, were never recovered.
  • Day 18-3 year 2004: A small asteroid made the closest approach to Earth ever recorded, only about 26,500 miles away.
  • Day 18-3 year 2005: After a long legal battle, Terry Schiavo's feeding tube was removed. She died 13 days later.
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