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O Hay Gi The Nay

Working place: Ho Chi Minh

Founding day: 5-1-2019 (3 years old)

Population of Vietnam 2019: 96,46tr

Global rank: #91603


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Who is TV show O Hay Gi The Nay?
“Oh, what's this” is a gameshow that includes science and magic. Each episode of the program will have sections: Science or magic, True or fake and Decoding the mystery. Part by part, mysterious phenomena will be incorporated into humorous skits. Along with indispensable entertainment condiments. "Oh, what's this" also has mysterious and supernatural elements that we always doubt and wonder about.
The program“Oh, what is this” under the guidance of two very beloved artists today Truong Giang and Thuy Ngan. Through a series of impressive roles at “Thank God You Are Here" , Truong Giang has been a favorite name of many audiences and is an important element of the program. Accompanying Truong Giang will be a new beauty of showbiz Viet Thuy Ngan. It is known that both artists will have to change a bit of their familiar personalities to co-host the program "Oh, what's this". Thuy Ngan said: “Hopefully the audience will forget Han and accept her gentle and naive person in O Or What's This”
Throughout the episodes broadcast "Oh, what's this" also took the audience from surprise to surprise with 2 mentor characters Hari Won and Dai Nghia - are the top 2 players of the two teams. . Here, they will lead and work with other artists to find solutions to puzzling phenomena in daily life. Not only that, they will join artists who use themselves as "guinea pigs" for heart-pounding and humorous experiments. The themes of “Oh, what is this” will be vividly expressed by Lam Vy Yes, Truong The Vinh, Petey Nguyen.
With interesting challenges, the “What's so good” program is a gathering place for famous artists to participate. In each broadcast episode, 6 guest artists will be divided into two teams to confront each other on the journey to find the truth. The artists that will be featured in the program are: Chi Pu, Ai Phuong, Jun Vu, Ho Quang Hieu,...
Program “Oh, what's this” is broadcast at 9pm every Saturday on channel VTV3 starting January 5, 2019.

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When was TV show O Hay Gi The Nay born?
O Hay Gi The Nay founding day 5-1-2019 (at the age of 3).
Where is TV show O Hay Gi The Nay's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
O Hay Gi The Nay was born in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. is a TV show, whose Zodiac is Capricorn, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. O Hay Gi The Nay's global rank is 91603 and whose rank is 109 in list of famous TV show. Population of Vietnam in 2019 is about 96,46tr persons.
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The program "Oh
The program "Oh
what's this" is broadcast at 9 pm every Saturday on channel VTV3
what's this" is broadcast at 9 pm every Saturday on channel VTV3
The program "Oh
The program "Oh

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Events in 2019 and 5-1

Founding day O Hay Gi The Nay (5-1) in history

  • Day 5-1 year 1896: A German newspaper reported German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen's discovery of X-rays.
  • Day 5-1 year 1914: Henry Ford introduced the $5-a-day minimum wage.
  • Day 5-1 year 1925: Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first woman governor of a state (Wyoming).
  • Day 5-1 year 1972: President Nixon ordered the development of the space shuttle.
  • Day 5-1 year 2000: INS Commissioner Doris Meissner ruled that 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez must be returned to Cuba.
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