Politicians Truong Duc Giang

Truong Duc Giang

Living place: Bac Kinh

Birthday: 4-11-1946 (77 years old)

Global rank: #60897

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Who is Politicians Truong Duc Giang?
Zhang Dejiang is a Chinese politician who is one of the top three figures on the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China (CCP). He is also one of the 7 people holding the highest leadership in China, is currently a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, is the head member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and the head of the National People's Congress. Chinese Association. His father was once considered a "red prince" because his father, Zhang Zhi Nhat, was the deputy commander of Quan's artillery when he was in Guangzhou.
In his youth, Truong Duc Giang was assigned to work in Luo Ziguo town in Dien Bien district, Jilin province. In the early 1970s, he was promoted to work at the district Propaganda Department, before he was sent to North Korea to study. After that, Truong Duc Giang was appointed to the position of Secretary of the Union in Luu Ninh province before he studied at Kim Nhat Thanh University in Binh Duong. In 2002, he became secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and entered the list of party members in the politburo. During his time as a leader in Guangdong, Truong Duc Giang faced a number of problems such as the SARS epidemic, which he was criticized by the people for taking too slow a solution. He is also said to have used excessive force against the protesters as well as the press. In 2008, he was appointed to the position of Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of traffic and telecommunications. In 2012, he became Secretary of the Chongqing Provincial Party Committee instead of Bo Xilai. Truong. Duc Giang is said to be an expert on North Korea, a close ally of China. He is also said to be a supporter of former President Giang Trach Dan.

In 2016, Truong Duc Giang visited a number of countries, including Vietnam. After returning home, he was repeatedly attacked by commentaries on Hong Kong's "City News" page. From September 28 to October 4, 2016, the "City newspaper" page had 4 posts on the homepage to attack Truong Duc Giang, criticize Mr. Truong Xiaoming (head of Hong Kong Liaison Department), and Luong Chan Anh (Chief of the special zone). The "City newspaper" page called this group of people "the gang of four Hong Kong rebels", under the protection of Truong Duc Giang, they used all tricks to concentrate power and incite conflicts among the people. The article has pointed out that Truong Duc Giang is manipulating the system of the People's Congress. At the same time, the article also recalled that Truong once ordered to block information to hide the situation of the SARS epidemic, using strong tricks to suppress information channels that did not disclose the disease situation, causing the disease to spread. spread from Guangdong to Hong Kong, this incident made the whole world bewildered. In addition, Zhang Dejiang also played an important role in former president Jiang Zemin's campaign to persecute Falun Gong. In order to help Jiang Zemin, who was exposed to the brutal crime of persecuting Falun Gong and dissecting living Falun Gong practitioners' organs, Truong Duc Giang and Tang Qinghong, and some other Jiang Zemin associates have repeatedly launched a form of coup against the government of Xi Jinping. However, Xi Jinping decided not to do the second Hu Jintao, so he emphasized many times. the radical renewal of party building and the rules of political activities within the party, which are targeted at high-ranking officials. Thereby, it can be seen that Truong Duc Giang is not an exception in Xi Jinping's purge campaign.


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Truong Duc Giang birthday 4-11-1946 (at the age of 77).
Where is Politicians Truong Duc Giang's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Truong Duc Giang was born in Lieu Ninh, of China. Mr working and living in Bac Kinh, of China. Mr, whose Zodiac is Scorpius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dog. Truong Duc Giang's global rank is 60897 and whose rank is 1070 in list of famous Politicians.
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Portrait of politician Truong Duc Giang
Portrait of politician Truong Duc Giang
Political photo of Truong Duc Giang during his visit to Vietnam
Political photo of Truong Duc Giang during his visit to Vietnam
Photo of Truong Duc Giang shaking hands with Bo Xilai
Photo of Truong Duc Giang shaking hands with Bo Xilai

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Events in 1946 and 4-11

Events in the world in the birth year of Truong Duc Giang

  • First meeting of United Nations General Assembly opens in London (Jan. 10).
  • League of Nations dissolved (April).
  • Italy abolishes monarchy (June).
  • The Philippines gains independence from the United States (July 4).
  • 12 Nazi leaders (including 1 tried in absentia) are sentenced to hang, 7 imprisoned, and 3 acquitted in the Nuremberg trials (Oct. 1). Background: Defining Genocide
  • Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech warns of Soviet expansion. Background: The Cold War
  • Juan Perón becomes president of Argentina.

Birthday Truong Duc Giang (4-11) in history

  • Day 4-11 year 1842: Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd in Springfield, , Illinois
  • Day 4-11 year 1880: James and John Ritty of Dayton, Ohio, patented the first cash register.
  • Day 4-11 year 1922: Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt.
  • Day 4-11 year 1924: Nellie T. Ross of Wyoming was elected the nation's first woman governor, to serve out the term of her husband who died in office.
  • Day 4-11 year 1956: Russian troops attacked Budapest and crushed the Hungarian revolt under Premier Imre Nagy.
  • Day 4-11 year 1979: The American embassy in Tehran, Iran, was seized by militants and 90 Americans were taken hostage.
  • Day 4-11 year 1995: Israeli Prime Minister, and Nobel Laureate, Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli.
  • Day 4-11 year 2008: Democratic senator Barack Obama wins the presidential election against Sen. John McCain, taking 338 electoral votes to McCain's 161. Obama makes history as the first African American U.S. president.
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