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Truong Hoc Huu

Living place: China

Birthday: 10-7-1961 (63 years old)

Population of the world 1961: 3.080 billions

Global rank: #3020


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Who is Singer Truong Hoc Huu?
Cheung Hoc Huu is known as "Grandfather", one of the most successful singers of Hong Kong. He was once voted by TIME magazine as one of the 25 most influential figures in Hong Kong in 1997. In 1999, Truong Hoc Huu was voted as one of the 10 outstanding young people of the world according to Junior's vote. Chamber International. In 2000, Cheung Hoc Huu was awarded the Golden Golden Award by Hong Kong Radio and Television Station, the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award in recognition of his contribution to the music industry.
In 1984, Truong Hoc Huu surpassed 10,000 contestants to win the first prize in the amateur singing competition with the song "Fatherland". Not long after that, Truong Hoc Huu signed a contract with the Hong Kong PolyGram record company. Truong Hoc Huu's debut album was unsuccessful when it sold no more than 10,000 discs, but PolyGram company still kept him to continue training.
In 1991, Truong Hoc Huu released the song "Loving you a little more each day", in just a moment from an unknown singer he became a music star. The song topped the list of the most loved songs and also topped the top of the most requested songs on the radio. Since then, Truong Hoc Huu with Luu Duc Hoa, Quoc Phu Thanh, Le Minh is nicknamed the "Four Heavenly Kings" by the audience, dominating the Hong Kong entertainment market. Truong Hoc Huu won the title "Artist with the best sales in Asia" of the World Music Awards for 3 consecutive years.
In 1993, Truong Hoc Huu held 25 concerts named "Jacky" and friends", 34 concerts of his own "Jacky Live Concert 1993" and nearly 100 concerts in more than 20 countries and cities.
Not only successful with a singing career, Truong Hoc Huu also participated in dozens of shows. movie. He is considered an attractive and charming actor. Truong Hoc Huu often plays the pompous, humorous and witty prince. Films starring Truong Hoc Huu: "Where's Officer Tuba" (1986), "Bullet in the Head" (1990), "No More Love No More Death" (1993), "To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui" (1994) )...

Family life info

Truong Hoc Huu is married to actress La My Vy and has two daughters, Dao Hoa and Dao Huyen.

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When was Singer Truong Hoc Huu born?
Truong Hoc Huu birthday 10-7-1961 (at the age of 63).
Where is Singer Truong Hoc Huu's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Truong Hoc Huu was born in Hong Kong, of China. Mr working and living in China. Mr, whose Zodiac is Cancer, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Ox. Truong Hoc Huu's global rank is 3020 and whose rank is 333 in list of famous Singer. Population of the world in 1961 is about 3.080 billions persons.
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Singer Truong Hoc Huu is known as the Singer God
Singer Truong Hoc Huu is known as the Singer God
 Singer Truong Hoc Huu is one of the most influential figures in Hong Kong
Singer Truong Hoc Huu is one of the most influential figures in Hong Kong
 Singer Truong Hoc Huu is one of the Four Heavenly Kings.
Singer Truong Hoc Huu is one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

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Events in 1961 and 10-7

Events in the world in the birth year of Truong Hoc Huu

  • US breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba (Jan. 3).
  • 1,200 US-sponsored anti-Castro exiles invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs (April 17); the attackers are all killed or captured by Cuban forces.
  • East Germany erects the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin to halt flood of refugees (Aug. 13). Background: The Cold War
  • USSR detonates 50-megaton hydrogen bomb in the largest man-made explosion in history (Oct. 29). Background: nuclear weapons
  • There are 2,000 US military advisers in South Vietnam. Background: Vietnam War
  • OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) formally constituted.

Birthday Truong Hoc Huu (10-7) in history

  • Day 10-7 year 1890: Wyoming became the 44th state in the United States.
  • Day 10-7 year 1940: The Battle of Britain began.
  • Day 10-7 year 1951: Armistice talks to end the Korean War began at Kaesong.
  • Day 10-7 year 1973: The Bahamas became independent from Great Britain.
  • Day 10-7 year 1985: The Coca-Cola Company announced that it was bringing back the original Coke and calling it Coca-Cola Classic.
  • Day 10-7 year 1989: Mel Blanc, the “man of a thousand voices,” including such cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig, died in Los Angeles.
  • Day 10-7 year 1991: President Bush lifted economic sanctions against South Africa.
  • Day 10-7 year 1995: Myanmar activist Aung San Suu Kyi was released after six years of house arrest.
  • Day 10-7 year 2003: Spain opened its first mosque (in Granada) since the Moors were expelled in 1492.
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