Comedy artist Hoai Linh

Hoai Linh

Living place: Ho Chi Minh

Birthday: 18-12-1969 (53 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1969: 41,77 millions

Global rank: #11


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Comedy artist Hoai Linh profile

Who is Comedy artist Hoai Linh?
Hoai Linh's real name is Vo Nguyen Hoai Linh, born in La Hai, Phu Yen. He is a comedian who has won many awards such as Cu Neo Vang, Mai Vang. In 2015, he was the first overseas artist to receive the title of Distinguished Artist. He is a multi-talented artist with the ability to act in comedy, folk songs and neoclassical.
Artist Hoai Linh first stood on the comedy stage with the modern To Anh Nguyet, performed with artist Thanh Loc. Until he moved with his family to the US to settle down, he was invited to participate in many shows. Here, Hoai Linh collaborated with an overseas comedian Van Son for a while. After that, he paired with the artist Chi Tai at the Center Thuy Nga. Up to now, artist Hoai Linh is considered the most famous artist in the world of Vietnamese artists. He was trusted by many producers to be invited to join the jury of many TV shows such as: Familiar Faces, Thank God! Here you are, Vietnam's Got Talent 2014..
The noise of the artist Hoai Linh's 15.2 billion VND charity:
During recent days (end of May 2021) , the scandal of 14 billion dong calling for donations to support the floods in the Central region of comedian Hoai Linh caused a stir in the online community. Because the money has been raised since November 2020, but by the end of May 2021, artist Hoai Linh has not gone to charity. Although artist Hoai Linh posted an explanation clip and quickly disbursed all the charity amount of VND 15.2 billion, it still could not appease public opinion. This incident caused a serious decline in the career and reputation of comedian Hoai Linh. After Hoai Linh, dentrepreneur Nguyen Phuong Hang continued to call singer Dam Vinh Hung, MC Tran Thanh , singer Thuy Tien in this charity scandal.
Songs performed by Hoai Linh:
1. "Saigon is so beautiful"
2. "Holding children for his wife"
3. "Spring in my hometown"
4. "Praise" (Giao Tien)
5. "Miss Tham returns to the village" (Giao Tien)
6. "Concave rainbow"
7. "Sorry" (Lam Phuong)
8. Link "Habit of life"
9. "Sad afternoon listening to echo kim lang"
10. "I came back pure" (liveshow Hoai Linh 1 in 2005)
11. "Thank you for tonight"
12. "Orphan White Bird"
13. "Mother" (liveshow Hoai Linh 2010 period)
14. "Difficult"
15. "Five Fingers"
16. "Liar Ly"
17. "The girl with the deer eyes"
18. "Hug beer"
19. "Lyrics for sale"
20. "Bad girl Ly"
21. "Spring Love"
22. "Blame yourself"
23. "Thinking of Dad"
24. "I'll marry you in January"
Hoai Linh's Liveshows:
1. Liveshow: Replay the song
2. Liveshow: "A feeling"
3. Liveshow: "Hoai Linh and the princess five dragons"
4. Liveshow: Lost Secret Revealed
5. Liveshow: Country people
6. Liveshow: A fairy tale of love
7. Liveshow: Pirates of the Caribbean
8. Liveshow: "I'm going to marry you"
9. The Best of Hoai Linh 1 from Paris By Night
10. Liveshow: Kung-fu
11. Liveshow: The Case
12. Liveshow: Rogue and fool
13. The Best of Hoai Linh 2 from Paris By Night
14. Liveshow: "The Sassy Fairy"
15. Liveshow: "My dad is my mom"
16. Liveshow: "Lucky Guy"
Movie works:
2016: Tia Oi- shoulder Hai "cyclo"
2016: "I am a master" - the role of Mr. Nho
2015: Go Gieng I Marry You- as Mr. Sau Banh
2015: Huong Que- as Mr. Tu Nghia
2015: Wife La Spring- as Mr. Tu Ga Dies
2015: Quy Tu Bu Dac Di- as Mr. Minh
2015: Ma Dai- as Ba Tho
2015: Old Man, Beauty and Gang To- the role of Mr. Garlic
2015: Doan Truong Nam Ai- as Mr. Hai Hoai
2014: Ly Bong Mai- as Mr. Hai Suu
2014: Lenh Denh Fen Bac- as Mr. Thong
2014: One-of-a-kind Classroom- Six Explosives
2014: I'll come back next year- the role of Six Xe Om
2014: Lifetime love story- the role of Mr. Hai
2014: Ly Bong Mai- as Mr. Hai Suu
2013: Wedding to keep up with spring - the role of Mr. Ba Ty
2013: There are five fairies in the house - the role of Mr. Tien Canh
2013: School riot- as Huynh Lai
2012: Hello Miss Ba- as Tu Lun
2012: Idol with many moves- as Ly Thon Thon
2012: Female monster tutor- as Tau Hu Assassin
2011: School ghost- as Writer Nam Linh
2011: Body swap- as Scientist BangBang
2011: Debt with love- the role of Hung Phuong
2011: Chicken hamlet - the shoulder of Mr. Tu
2011: Race to get rich- role of Rich Dad
2010: Teenage princess and five tiger generals- as bodyguard Kim
2010: Singing and singing - the role of Hai Kho
2010: The castle of love- the role of a grandfather
1. Tan Ngao Shellfish: as Hen
2. Better beg than rob: beggar role
3. Detective Seloc Hom
4. Mam Con Muoi: the role of Mam
5. Mysterious world: as Master Gypsum
6. Unparalleled good and evil: the role of master
7. What's the money: the role of an ice shop owner (starring with Van Son)
8. The Woodcutter leaves his mother: as the Woodcutter
9. Father's love
10. Brother Sau Returns Home
11. Ba Giai Tu Xuat: the role of Tu Xuat (acting with Van Son)
12. Grandma! Close the Door: the role of an old husband
13. Mrs. Ton Marry Le: the role of an old husband
14. Mother-in-law (Violent florist): role of mother-in-law
15. Uncle Ba Phi: the role of Uncle Ba Phi
16. The Ducks: the role of the pregnant wife
17. Four Seasons
18. Bets
19. Long Legs: as the director's secretary
20. True Homeland
21. Tommy Teo: as Tommy Teo
22. Singer Selection
23. One Hundred Missing Thousand Loves
24. Queen of Death passed away: the role of Trang Quynh
25. Blue sky spits tears
26. Tu Frog dreams: the role of Tu Frog's son
27. Legend of the living emperor: the role of Tan
28. Obsessed with a narrow alley
29. Grandparents Breast
30. PBN 110
31. Mr. Dia: the role of Mr. Dia
32. Super stay
33. Mistake: role of wife
34. Get Married With Children
35. That's Mine
36. Unprofessional Competition: the role of Hoai Linh
37. Laughing With Viet Huong 3
38. Cuong Thi Lack of Debt
39. Big Family
40. Hoai Linh & Kieu Oanh Comedy Music Festival
41. Hitting Jealousy: the role of a jealous wife
42. Great director
43. Strawberry from a foreign land: the role of Mr. Chin
44. This is not Heaven
45. The first god to see
46. ​​Howling wind pass: Linh's shoulder
47. Magic lamp
48. Going to the temple to pray for luck: as Thi Mau
49. Going to Ask the Elderly, Going Home to Ask the Young: the role of grandfather
50. Going to the Miss Contest: the role of Miss
51. Studying abroad: the role of Mr. Tam
52. Dai Dai Duong: as Dai Dai Duong
53. Fate
54. The scoundrel and the fool
55. Girl: the role of brother hai
56. The miserly family: the role of an old wife
57. Sowing the New Year: the role of a fortune-teller
58. Tears of Dai Trang
59. Fraudsters
60. Root cocoon: the shoulder of Phu Ong
61. Difficult: the role of Mr. Muoi's friend
62. Hac Bach Cong Tu: as Bach Duc (playing with Van Son)
63. No more hair
64. Miss three regions: the role of Miss of all three regions of Vietnam (acting with Van Son)
65. Miss Asia: the role of Miss Japan, Miss China and Miss Vietnam (acting with Van Son)
66. Bird contest
67. Through the storm: Thuan
68. Fire Peach
69. In Gieng I marry you: the role of Sau Banh
70. Rewind the song: the role of the wife
71. Wine: as Nguyen Van Hai
72. Radio accident: the role of a wife (acting with Van Son)
73. TV accident: role of wife (playing with Van Son)
74. Ky Phung Dich Thu: role of Hoai Linh (starring with Bao Chung)
75.10 Years Looking Back
76. Shirt I have never worn
77. Yin and Yang Doi Duong: as the magician Tran Phieu Dieu
78. Brother Sau Returns Home
79. Ba Giai Tu Xuat: role of Tu Xuat (acting with Van Son)
80. Grandma! Close the Door: the role of an old husband
81. Mrs. Ton Marry Le: the role of an old husband
82. Mother-in-law (Violent florist): role of mother-in-law
83. Uncle Ba Phi: the role of Uncle Ba Phi
84. Female Ducks: role of pregnant wife

Young / Before famous

As a child, Hoai Linh grew up in Cam Ranh, he finished high school at Thong Nhat A High School (Trang Bom). It was not until 1975 that they moved with their family to Long Khanh.
In 1988, he and his family returned to Cam Ranh to take care of the procedures to return the foreclosed house.
In 1991, he won the prize of the contest Good voices at Nha Trang. And on this occasion, he met the artist Thanh Loc (an actor of the drama band Khanh Hoa province recently disbanded and joined. group Ponaga). Immediately, Hoai Linh and Thanh Loc had a good acting pairing, so they collaborated. The couple's first play “To Anh Nguyet Tan Thoi” was loved by many audiences.
In 1992, Hoai Linh followed his family to Saigon to live. In 1993, he and his family moved to the United States to settle down.
In 1994, he returned to California to work in art and there he met a friend, Nhat Tung. Nhat Tung took Hoai Linh to Tao Nhan cafe. Here, Hoai Linh performed a comedy of Karaoke Love Story and a new song and especially, the audience and the owner of the restaurant, Ms. Thien Huong, showed great interest and admiration for his talent.
October 1994 Hoai Linh met comedian Van Son, the two worked together to act in concerts. cultural program organized by a temple in Orange County, USA.
In 1995, Hoai Linh collaborated exclusively for Van Son Center. In 2009, Hoai Linh collaborated with the artist Nhat Cuong to found Dai Co Viet company specializing in mining. create actors, organize programs.
In 2010, he and a friend opened a restaurant called Tieu Nhi Mi Gia.

Family life info

He was born in a family with 6 siblings, he is the 3rd child and the eldest son in the family. His younger brother is Duong Trieu Vu, also a famous young singer in Vietnam and Hai foreign.
In 1995, his family immigrated to the US to apply for HO. Three brothers who served in the Special Forces with the position of captain, were imprisoned for 6 years at Suoi Blood (Bien Hoa), until 1982, they were released. His mother runs a private maternity home in Cam Ranh.
In 1996 Hoai Linh returned to Vietnam and fortunately met the girl he knew before coming to the US. Not long after, they got married and settled in Garden Grove (california in 1997.
Hoai Linh has a biological daughter and many adopted children.

Close relationship

Who is Girl friend/ wife/ darling Comedy artist Hoai Linh?
He is the adoptive father of Hoai Lam (Champion of familiar faces in 2014), Miss Pham Huong, Cao Huu Thien
He is the supporter of famous artists such as Dam Vinh Hung, Truong Giang, baby Ben.
Hoai Linh and Viet Huong are considered as soulmates.

Body measurements of

How tall is Comedy artist Hoai Linh? What Hoai Linh's weight?
Height: 170cm
Weight: updating
Three measurements: updating

Summary of Hoai Linh profile

When was Comedy artist Hoai Linh born?
Hoai Linh birthday 18-12-1969 (at the age of 53).
Where is Comedy artist Hoai Linh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Hoai Linh was born in Khanh Hoa, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ho Chi Minh, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Sagittarius, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Rooster. Hoai Linh's global rank is 11 and whose rank is 1 in list of famous Comedy artist. Population of Vietnam in 1969 is about 41,77 millions persons.
Special event in 18-12-1969: The British Parliament abolished the death penalty for murder.
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Photos/ Images

Young artist Hoai Linh in a suit
Young artist Hoai Linh in a suit
A new photo of Hoai Linh- Famous comedian Khanh Hoa-Vietnam
A new photo of Hoai Linh- Famous comedian Khanh Hoa-Vietnam
Latest picture of Comedian Hoai Linh
Latest picture of Comedian Hoai Linh
Image of artist Hoai Linh and her artist Artists Chi Tai and Viet Huong at his wedding
Image of artist Hoai Linh and her artist Artists Chi Tai and Viet Huong at his wedding
 Image of artist Hoai Linh and family members
Image of artist Hoai Linh and family members

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