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Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 4-8-1932 (90 years old)

Global rank: #90505

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Who is Speakers Duong Tuong?
Duong Tuong, born Tran Duong Tuong, is a Vietnamese poet, writer and translator. He was discharged from the army in 1955, then returned to Hanoi to live. He was a reporter for the Van Commune Office of the Vietnam News Agency from 1955-1960. Since 1967, he has worked as a translator for the US War Crimes Investigation Committee in Vietnam. Until 1979, he retired.
He is the author of many famous literary works such as: "Anna Karenina"- Lev Tolstoy, a collection of short stories "The Violin", "Gone with the Wind" - Margaret Mitchell, "The Tin Drum"- Günter Grass, "Wuthering Heights" - Emily Brontë, "Kafka by the Sea" - Haruki Murakami... He is considered one of the most influential literary translators in Vietnam. Vietnam in many ways.
In his translated works, "Lolita" is the most successful, but also his most controversial work. He borrowed this work to start his translation story for more than 60 years. In the process of reading famous foreign literary works, he feels "waste" because such good stories are not known by many people. But perhaps because his life at that time was quite difficult, and translating books was the only way for him to have money to support his wife and children.
He started translating books from the age of 28-29. The first book he translated was a collection of short stories "Cay Tuong Vi". After nearly 60 years in the profession, writer Duong Tuong has nearly 60 translated works. His works are mainly in English and French. Thanks to that, his Vietnamese language is also richer.
Writer Duong Tuong likes the feeling every time a manuscript is completed. The more challenges the work has, the more excited he becomes every time he overcomes it. Are there books that while translating you are not sure whether it will be published? In particular, Céline's book "Mort à crédit" is a work that he translated but was not published.
Now, although it is almost 90 years old, translator Duong Tuong still cherishes it. Incubating a project at the end of his life, which is translating Kieu into English. And now, he is engrossed in sitting at the computer, and spending time on this project, and considers it as his joy.

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When was Speakers Duong Tuong born?
Duong Tuong birthday 4-8-1932 (at the age of 90).
Where is Speakers Duong Tuong's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Duong Tuong was born in Nam Dinh, of Vietnam. Mr working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Leo, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Monkey. Duong Tuong's global rank is 90505 and whose rank is 25 in list of famous Speakers.
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Portrait of translator Duong Tuong
Portrait of translator Duong Tuong
 New picture of translator Duong Tuong
New picture of translator Duong Tuong
 Translator Duong Tuong translates Tale of Kieu into English
Translator Duong Tuong translates Tale of Kieu into English
 A portrait photo of translator Duong Tuong
A portrait photo of translator Duong Tuong

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Events in 1932 and 4-8

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  • Nazis lead in German elections with 230 Reichstag seats.
  • Famine is widespread in U.S.S.R.

Birthday Duong Tuong (4-8) in history

  • Day 4-8 year 1735: Journalist John Peter Zenger, defended by former Pennsylvania House Speaker Andrew Hamilton, was acquitted of defamation in a case that helped promote press freedom.
  • Day 4-8 year 1884: Thomas Stevens became the first person to bicycle across the United States. He later bicycled around the world.
  • Day 4-8 year 1892: Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother were killed with an axe in Fall River, Mass.
  • Day 4-8 year 1914: Germany invaded Belgium and, in response, Britain declared war on Germany.
  • Day 4-8 year 1916: Denmark ceded the Danish West Indies, including the Danish Virgin Islands, to the United States for $25 million.
  • Day 4-8 year 1944: Anne Frank and her family were found hiding in Amsterdam by Nazis.
  • Day 4-8 year 1964: The bodies of three civil-rights workers were found in an earthen dam, six weeks into a federal investigation backed by President Johnson
  • Day 4-8 year 1977: President Carter signed a congressional act that established the Department of Energy.
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