Performer Thanh Long

Thanh Long

Living place: Vietnam

Birthday: 6-3-1954 (70 years old)

Population of the world 1954: 2.728 billions

Global rank: #1816


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Who is Performer Thanh Long?
Jackie Chan's English name is Jackie Chan, is a famous Chinese martial arts actor. Not only famous in the movie industry, Jackie Chan is also a successful businessman and a famous singer of Cantopop and Mandopop music. He is considered a cultural icon, his name is also mentioned in many songs, cartoons and video games. He has been inducted into the Hong Kong Walk of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Jackie Chan started his acting career in the 1970s. In 1976, he was hired by film producer Willie Chan, a well-known celebrity. Renowned in the Hong Kong film industry invited him to play a leading role in the film "New Star Martial Arts" directed by Luo Wei. However, this movie was not successful. In 1978, he took part in the movie "The Serpent Conqueror" and a lead role in the movie "Tay Quyen", this is the time when his name became famous for his beautiful martial arts moves. After that, he returned to La Duy's studio, but he decided to terminate the contract while filming the movie "Understanding Little Power Part II". Willie Chan helped Jackie Chan step into the world cinema. In the 1980s, Jackie Chan was exposed to American cinema for the first time. In 1980, he participated in the first Hollywood movie called "The Moat Assassin". In 1981, he had a small role in the movie "The Cannonball Run", which grossed $100 million worldwide. In 1985, the movie "The Protector" was a commercial failure, Jackie Chan decided to stop conquering the US market and return to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he began to attract the attention of a large audience through his roles in the films The Departure of the Horse, Young Master Long, Plan A (Best Action Design award at the Hong Kong Film Awards). 3rd edition), Mobile Restaurant, Five Prosperity (original), Police Story (won Best Picture at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards), Long Brother Tiger (the most successful film in history). Jackie Chan's career with a profit of over 35 million Hong Kong dollars), Flying Dragon Monarch...
In the late 80s and early 90s, actor Jackie Chan achieved many successes through various films. films such as "Police Story 2" took home the "Best Martial Arts Direction" award at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards, "The Dragon Brothers and Tigers II: The Falcon Plan", "Police Story 3" took home the "Best Actor" award at the Golden Horse Film Festival.In 1994, Jackie Chan played the role of Hoang Phi Hong in "Tale Boxing II", which was voted by Time magazine.on the "100 Greatest Movies of All Time" list. In the 1990s, Jackie Chan rekindled his intention to conquer Hollywood cinema, but it was not until 1995 that he really succeeded in making the first move. Also in 1995, the movie "Bronx Chaos" with the participation of Jackie Chan created a strong attraction for the American audience. Then he starred in the movie "Supercop", which earned a profit of 16,270,600 US dollars. The movie "Rush Hour" starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker grossed $130 million America in the US market. The movie "Rush Hour 3" was released in August 2007 and grossed $140 million. In 2010, he started to calm down with a role in the movie "Karate Boy".In 2012, he returned to his familiar image in "12 zodiac animals".
In Hong Kong and many countries In Asia, Jackie Chan's first records were widely released in the 1980s. Since 1984, he has released 20 albums. He is the voice of Shang in the Chinese version of Jackie Chan. Mulan's animated film Walt Disney.

Family life info

Jackie Chan has been married to actor Lam Phuong Kieu since 1982. Also in this year, his wife gave birth to a baby boy named Phong To Danh. In 1999, he almost acknowledged having a child with Miss Asia Ngo Ỷ Loi, his daughter Ngo Trac Lam.

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When was Performer Thanh Long born?
Thanh Long birthday 6-3-1954 (at the age of 70).
Where is Performer Thanh Long's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Thanh Long was born in Hong Kong, of China. Mr working and living in Vietnam, Vietnam. Mr, whose Zodiac is Pisces, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Horse. Thanh Long's global rank is 1816 and whose rank is 154 in list of famous Performer. Population of the world in 1954 is about 2.728 billions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Portrait of actor Jackie Chan
Portrait of actor Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan - Hong Kong's top martial arts actor
Jackie Chan - Hong Kong's top martial arts actor
Actor Jackie Chan and actor Jet Li in a movie
Actor Jackie Chan and actor Jet Li in a movie
Jackie Chan - Famous hollywood action actor
Jackie Chan - Famous hollywood action actor
Portrait picture Actor Jackie Chan
Portrait picture Actor Jackie Chan

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Events in 1954 and 6-3

Events in the world in the birth year of Thanh Long

  • Nasser becomes premier of Egypt (April 17).
  • Geneva Conference is convened to bring peace to Vietnam (April to July). The country is divided at the 17th parallel, pending democratic elections.
  • Dien Bien Phu, French military outpost in Vietnam, falls to Viet Minh army (May 7). Background: Vietnam War
  • Eight-nation Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty (establishing SEATO) signed at Manila (Sept. 8).
  • Paris agreements grant West Germany sovereignty and admittance to NATO and Western European Union (Oct. 23; effective May, 1955).
  • Algerian War of Independence against France begins (Oct. 31).

Birthday Thanh Long (6-3) in history

  • Day 6-3 year 1836: The Alamo fell to Mexican forces.
  • Day 6-3 year 1857: The Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford that slaves were not citizens.
  • Day 6-3 year 1930: Clarence Birdseye started to sell prepackaged frozen food for the first time, in Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Day 6-3 year 1957: The former British colonies of Togoland and the Gold Coast united to form independent Ghana.
  • Day 6-3 year 1981: Walter Cronkite, "the most trusted man in America," retired from the CBS Evening News and was replaced by Dan Rather.
  • Day 6-3 year 1997: Queen Elizabeth II launched the first royal website.
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