Comedy artist Van Dung

Van Dung

Living place: Ha Noi

Birthday: 11-10-1975 (47 years old)

Population of Vietnam 1975: 48,03 millions

Global rank: #327


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Phone number: 0919 186 662

Comedy artist Van Dung profile

Who is Comedy artist Van Dung?
Van Dung is considered the number one female comedian in the North. Van Dung's full name is Le Van Dung, she is the daughter of an actress and director of the Northwestern Dance Troupe.
In 1992, she participated in the Miss Tien Phong newspaper contest and became one of the winners. The 15 most beautiful people overall. This is also the bridge for her to enter the artistic path quickly and smoothly.
Comedian Van Dung works in two fields: comedy and cinema. However, she is more loved by the audience as a comedian. She impressed with her roles in comedy skits of the program "Meet at the weekend", and Gala meet at the end of the year (Tao Quan).
When it comes to Van Dung, her fans can't forget it. Charming face, sour voice but naturally amusing acting. But few people know that in real life she is a person who is happy, sad, very gentle, but also a lot of trouble.

Young / Before famous

Since she was a child, Van Dung has lived with her parents in Thai Nguyen. When she was 3-4 years old, she liked to play with her older sister Van Trang to play plays, sometimes pretending to be a princess. , sometimes turning into a fairy full of miracles.
When her sister was in 2nd grade, her family moved to a house at Quan Thanh Hanoi, but because the house was too small, they only stayed there until she was 10 years old, then moved to Hoang Cau Street, Hanoi.
After finishing secondary school, Van Dung passed the entrance exam to Trung Vuong High School. After about 3 months, she moved back to study culture and expertise at Tuoi Tre theater, studying art in the morning, and studying culture in the evening.

Family life info

Having been opposed by her husband's family, the South and the North, but Van Dung is still determined and brave to find happiness for herself. Few people know that Van Dung and her mother-in-law get along very well.
So far, she has two children and a very happy family.

Close relationship

Who is Boy friend/ husband/ darling Comedy artist Van Dung?
She and the comedian Tu Long, Justice, Quang Thang, Xuan Bac... has a close relationship.

Body measurements of

How tall is Comedy artist Van Dung? What Van Dung's weight?
Height: 160cm
Weight: about 48kg
Three measurements: updating

Summary of Van Dung profile

When was Comedy artist Van Dung born?
Van Dung birthday 11-10-1975 (at the age of 47).
Where is Comedy artist Van Dung's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Van Dung was born in Thai Nguyen, of Vietnam. Ms working and living in Ha Noi, of Vietnam. Ms, whose Zodiac is Libra, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Cat. Van Dung's global rank is 327 and whose rank is 9 in list of famous Comedy artist. Population of Vietnam in 1975 is about 48,03 millions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Comedian Van Dung with the role of Tao Quan in Meet at the end of the year
Comedian Van Dung with the role of Tao Quan in Meet at the end of the year
The daily life of actress Van Dung
The daily life of actress Van Dung
Latest pictures of Comedian Van Dung
Latest pictures of Comedian Van Dung
Van Dung - The comedian has many viewers fake love
Van Dung - The comedian has many viewers fake love

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Events in 1975 and 11-10

Events in the world in the birth year of Van Dung

  • Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge take over Cambodia (April).
  • The city of Saigon is surrendered and remaining Americans are evacuated, ending the Vietnam War (April 30).
  • American merchant ship Mayaguez, seized by Cambodian forces, is rescued in operation by US Navy and Marines, 38 of whom are killed (May 15).
  • Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft take off for US-Soviet link-up in space (July 15).

Birthday Van Dung (11-10) in history

  • Day 11-10 year 1779: Polish patriot and American Revolutionary War commander Casimir Pulaski was killed in the Battle of Savannah, Georgia.
  • Day 11-10 year 1899: The Boer War began in South Africa.
  • Day 11-10 year 1915: English nurse Edith Cavell was executed by the Germans.
  • Day 11-10 year 1939: A letter from Albert Einstein was delivered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt concerning the possibility of atomic weapons.
  • Day 11-10 year 1962: The first session of Vatican II was convened by Pope John XXIII.
  • Day 11-10 year 1968: The first staffed Apollo mission, Apollo 7, was launched with astronauts Wally Schirra, Donn Fulton Eisele, and R. Walter Cunningham aboard.
  • Day 11-10 year 1984: Space shuttle Challenger astronaut, Kathryn Sullivan, became the first American woman to walk in space.
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