Performer Lam Khiet Anh

Lam Khiet Anh

Living place: Hong Kong

Birthday: 27-4-1964 (58 years old)

Population of the world 1964: 3.276 billions

Global rank: #75166

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Performer Lam Khiet Anh profile

Who is Performer Lam Khiet Anh?
Lam Khiet Anh was a famous Hong Kong actress from the 1980s to the early 1990s.
After graduating from the actor training class, she was recruited into TVB by hosting some classes. television item. Thanks to her beautiful appearance and flexible speaking ability, she increasingly won the hearts of many audiences. Since 1984, she has been acting in films. In this year, she participated in the TV series "Twine Stepmother". After that, she appeared in many other films such as: Mercy Wife, Luc Just Holding Ghosts, True Man of Heaven, Love Box, Meaningless Love, Legend of Van Gia, Crossing the Line of Love , Single guy, Woman picking stars TVB's best television show of all time.
In 1986, Lam Khiet Anh was shocked when her boyfriend suddenly committed suicide. In 1998, his father was in a car accident and was sent to a mental hospital in 1999. Lam Khiet Anh's acting career began to decline. After that, she acted in a number of TV series and movies.
In 2008, she was caught in a nightgown, smoking and walking around on the street. The police came and took and took to Sheung Shui station. In 2006, she declared bankruptcy, then had to live on a subsidy from the city.
December 2013, Next Magazine conducted an interview with Lam Khiet Anh, she revealed that she had been was raped by two big men in the entertainment industry 20 years ago. Recently, Trac Vy has hinted that he will publicize the secret of showbiz, making many people curious. And the secret that Trac Vy wants to make public is that Lam Khiet Anh was raped more than 20 years ago.
During the most brilliant years of her entertainment career, Lam Khiet Anh was raped by two men in the world. play tricks. At that time, she also suffered from emotional pain when both her father and mother died. Since then, she has become crazy, rabid, mentally ill.
Troc Vy released a clip of the Hong Kong press interviewing Lam Khiet since 2014. Lam Khiet shared how she was bullied by two people. The most famous in the entertainment industry at that time were Dang Quang Vinh - who is famous for the work "Autumn leaves fly", and the famous actor Tang Chi Vy. Lam Khiet Anh also said that the incident happened when she went to Singapore to film. A drunk man sneaked into the hotel room where she was staying and played tricks on her. Because she had no voice at that time, she did not expose the matter. Because of fear, she went to the hospital to check me and buy birth control pills to drink.
Lam Khiet Anh used to be a cult beauty with great beauty and beauty in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. But now, her beauty has faded a lot more, perhaps because of the events in her life that she had to go through.

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Summary of Lam Khiet Anh profile

When was Performer Lam Khiet Anh born?
Lam Khiet Anh birthday 27-4-1964 (at the age of 58).
Where is Performer Lam Khiet Anh's birth place, what is Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac?
Lam Khiet Anh was born in Hong Kong, of China. Ms, whose Zodiac is Taurus, and who Chinese Zodiac is The Dragon. Lam Khiet Anh's global rank is 75166 and whose rank is 754 in list of famous Performer. Population of the world in 1964 is about 3.276 billions persons.
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Photos/ Images

Portrait of actor Lam Khiet Anh
Portrait of actor Lam Khiet Anh
Latest image of actor Lam Khiet Anh
Latest image of actor Lam Khiet Anh
Actor Lam Khiet Anh used to be a great beauty of Hong Kong screen
Actor Lam Khiet Anh used to be a great beauty of Hong Kong screen
Image of actor Lam Khiet Anh in a movie of Chow Tinh Tri
Image of actor Lam Khiet Anh in a movie of Chow Tinh Tri
 Actor Lam Khiet Anh suffered from madness after many events in life
Actor Lam Khiet Anh suffered from madness after many events in life

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Events in 1964 and 27-4

Events in the world in the birth year of Lam Khiet Anh

  • Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa (June 11).
  • Congress approves Gulf of Tonkin Resolution after North Vietnamese torpedo boats allegedly attack US destroyers (Aug. 7). Background: Vietnam War
  • Khrushchev is deposed; Kosygin becomes premier and Brezhnev becomes first secretary of the Communist Party (October). Background: Rulers of Russia since 1533
  • China detonates its first atomic bomb. Background: nuclear weapons

Birthday Lam Khiet Anh (27-4) in history

  • Day 27-4 year 1521: Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan died more than a month after landing in the Philippines, and the natives killed him during a war.
  • Day 27-4 year 1805: The U.S. Marines captured Derna, on the shores of Tripoli.
  • Day 27-4 year 1865: The worst steamship disaster in the history of the United States occurred when there was an explosion aboard the Sultana ; more than 1,400 people were killed.
  • Day 27-4 year 1956: Rocky Marciano retired as undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion.
  • Day 27-4 year 1961: Sierra Leone gained independence from Great Britain.
  • Day 27-4 year 1983: Pitcher Nolan Ryan surpassed Walter Johnson’s strikeout record—one that had held since 1927.
  • Day 27-4 year 1987: Austrian president Kurt Waldheim was barred from entering the United States. He was accused of aiding in the execution of thousands of Jews in World War II.
  • Day 27-4 year 1993: Eritrea declared itself independent.
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